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Singapore My Home

Updated on May 13, 2012

Garden City

Singapore is my home and I am proud to be a Singaporean. Is a very small country lacking in size and natural resources. About 20 years ago the population was only slightly under three million people but currently is almost close to 4.5 million. Is a very cosmopolitan city , the government here concentrate very much on education and building good high standard international school and university. Attracting foreigners to come here to invest or work and also to place their children to school here.

My country is known for its cleanliness , you hardly see any rubbish along the road or pavement.The road here are sparkling clean and the air not dusty compare to so many other countries that i have visited , when the wind blew or a car pass by , you get dust and small rubbish flew into your eyes and your face. This never happen in Singapore because the road is amazingly clean. We have trees lines along the road to absorbed some of the humid heat and everywhere you see plants and flowers as you move along. That is why we are also called Singapore garden city.All this trees and plants are so important to our environment , it keep the air clean and bring down the tropical humid heat that we have all year round.

Singapore is also well known for food , is a food paradise. You can get any cuisine you want here but the most delicious food is the local food which you wont be able to get anywhere in the world. Is authentic because it composes of so many kinds of local food and each food has their own little history which goes back to the old days , immigrants from China , India etc came to Singapore in the early days and bring this authentic recipe from their home country and pass on till now . Most tourist who come here would not miss trying all this delicious local fare.

There is not much to do in Singapore for tourist besides shopping and food and some sightseeing and you are all done. As a local , i get bored too , to be here for long period of time. I need to travel out two or three times a year just to get away and whenever i come back home again i appreciate Singapore more because of its efficiency , cleanliness and convenient. You do not have to drive too far out to get something and everything is like within reach. Also no where else in the world could give you this safe security feeling whereas you can just go out or come home at two or  three am in the morning and still feel safe. Is a good place for family to raise their children. The crime rate here is also very low. Yes there are many rules and regulations in Singapore but so as other countries. When you drive slightly over the limit you get fine too in the States or if you beat a traffic light or did not stop at the Stop sign , you get a ticket too. Singapore just has slightly more rules than others but that is also because the government here wants to keep the country safe and orderly so the people here can live in harmony with each other.  
There are always pros and cons to this issue , the most important is no matter where i go to when the minute my plane landed in Singapore. I feel is home , though at times it feel surreal because is too perfect a city. Then again i would not want to live anywhere else in the world.Singapore who from a tiny island has turn into a world class city with many big plans coming up for more good things to come soon.


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