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Six Helpful Tips on Mold Removal

Updated on March 28, 2014

Black Toxic Mold

Black Toxic Mold Growing in Corner of Home
Black Toxic Mold Growing in Corner of Home | Source

Mold Removal Tips

Six Helpful Tips on Mold Removal

Removing mold for your home, office, or business establishment is an essential undertaking. This will not just improve the visual appeal of your space, but is also imperative in ensuring the preservation of good health of people who occupy the area.

While mold may not seem threatening at first glance, knowing more about it will reveal just what kind of health problems it can cause. These can range from a simple runny nose, to serious respiratory illnesses. You do not have to let it get to the point when you have to cough and sneeze through every day, not knowing how millions of allergens have multiplied in your home. Take the steps towards a mold-free home as soon as possible.

Read the tips below on how to make your mold removal efforts more efficient:

1. Do your research on mold. Do not tackle a stranger without getting to know it first. Mold can seem like a harmless adversary, but you'll find that it can be a dangerous health threat. Know more about how mold grows and multiplies, and be able to efficiently face its removal head-on. The knowledge will also help you understand how to deal with it in case of a re-occurrence.

2. Start by looking into the source of unwanted moisture. - One of the worst enemies in a home or building is leaks. They, together with a humid environment, allows the growth and multiplication of mold. Before you start with your mold removal efforts, make it a point to resolve leakage problems first, as this can easily cause a new mold problem anytime.

3. There are a variety of mold species, but the removal of all of them is essential. - There are hundreds of thousands of mold varieties, some of which are not actually dangerous. But, mold removal should not be reserved for a certain type of mold, as all kinds, when they reach a certain number, tend to destroy a building aesthetically and can become an indoor pollutant too.

How To Choose a Mold Removal Expert

Mold Growth

Mold Growth in basement of home
Mold Growth in basement of home | Source

Mold Removal Tips continued

4. Contrary to popular belief, mold can also thrive even on non-organic surfaces like metal or plastic. - Do not ignore old pipes or plastic storage boxes when removing mold in a home or office. They can grow on those surfaces as much as they can multiply on drywall. The presence of moisture, along with elements like dust and other organic elements like crumbs, pet hair, and the like on an otherwise non-organic surface can also be food for mold.

5. Take extra precaution if you plan to do mold removal on your own. - Mold colonies when disturbed tend to spread spores in the air, and this can cause a variety of unwanted symptoms like allergies, fatigue, headache, and dizziness among others. When doing a mold removal session in a particular area, seal it tightly and keep kids and the elderly out of the immediate premises. You might also want to seal off vents, and should also wear gloves and disposable clothing.

6. Bleach alone is not enough to remove mold. - Do not underestimate the ability of mold to stay around, it is really more than just dirt on your wall. And this is why you should not assume that bleach can eliminate your mold problems within minutes. Aside from resolving any leakage problems, you may also want to consult a professional on how to deal with mold concerns. You must also be open to the possible removal of the affected surface, and have it replaced. Make sure to dispose of any mold-ridden debris properly.

If you have or suspect that you may have a Black Toxic Mold issue. Email Morgan Basement via their contact form for a Free Inspection or Call them today at (877) 401-4777

Can Mold Harm You and Your Family?

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