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Six Must-have Landscaping Tools

Updated on January 14, 2013

If aiming to maintain a garden in pristine condition throughout the ever-changing seasons, you really need to have access to the most productive gardening tools. The right set of landscaping tools isn't just there to help with maintaining the garden, but also help to protect and prolong the lifespan of the plant life.

Here are several of the major tools used in landscaping:


A multi-pronged cultivator is a perfect landscaping tool for keeping soil loose and breaking up hard ground. It is also highly effective at controlling weeds in the larger open areas. A cultivator is a very versatile tool and does a great all-round job of maintaining a beautiful garden.

Pruning Tool:

A very sharp pruning tool is an essential piece of equipment for anyone that has many bushes and shrubs in the backyard in need of controlling. A pruning tool quickly and easily tidies and maintains plants in an orderly fashion. Having the ability to cut off dead or dying branches is often desirable to maintain a perfect looking woody plant area.


A spade (also referred to as a shovel) is a perfect tool for a gardener in need of digging or clearing large areas of space, which makes sure the soil is loosened and ready to use. Spades are also ideal for compacting soil or giving a sharp edge to a garden bed.


A sprayer is available in numerous shapes and sizes to take on a range of applications. They offer a perfect tool for watering or spraying pesticides in the more hard to reach locations in the garden. A chosen sprayer is often highly dependent on the size of garden that needs watering.


A compact-sized tiller is a perfect landscaping tool to make sure the earth is broken up and offers the right level of control, ventilation, and water saturation for the various plant life. It is essential to have the ability to loosen the soil which makes it easier for fertilizer, oxygen, and water to penetrate the ground.


A mini trowel is the ideal tool to dig holes for planting the various plants that will feature as part of a gardener's landscaping ideas. A trowel is also effective in the restricted areas where it isn't practical to use a full-sized tool. Beyond helping to plant the plants, fruits, and vegetables, the trowel is effective at helping to clear out of season or dead plants. Also, it's a great tool if wishing to remove plant life to a different site without causing harm to a plants stalk or root.


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