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Six Grow Tips You Should Do To Have Your Best Harvest Ever!

Updated on October 5, 2011

Those who assume that it is easy to grow medical marijuana are actually people who have less or no knowledge about marijuana growers. They tend to mislead you with their deficient and somehow wrong information regarding the growing of medical marijuana. So beware of those who are saying that there are short cuts and quick fixes which minimize the hard work and focus required to succeed in this endeavor. An effective medical marijuana garden always satisfies the needs of the grower who knows and follows these six important rules:

Procrastination is not recommended in growing of medical marijuana. Simple task such as picking up dead leaves and sweeping of debris should not wait until piles of these have accumulated. It is considered to be an important daily routine that requires due diligence. Make it your mission o keep things clean always. So start putting down the bong, get off the couch and clean your grow room from top to bottom. Always keep in mind that the work you do now will surely pay off in the end.

When it comes to growing medical marijuana, silence is always the golden rule. Although it might be tempting sometimes to brag and show off your hard work, but it can only cause you more troubles along the road. Try to minimize or avoid throwing big parties or let people hang out all day smoking weed in your area. Suspicious events like this have been the downfall of many pot growers before. You need to make yourself invisible to neighbors and keep a low profile in order for you to keep your marijuana garden discrete. On the other hand, don’t be too paranoid as well by blocking off all your windows or avoiding interaction with neighbors because this will only indicate that something is not right. Instead be friendly but not too friendly and never panic or antagonize those around you. Keeping everything peaceful is the key to have successful harvest after harvest.

Realistic Expectations
You need to set your goals wisely and realistically, by doing so; you can maintain your motivation at all times. Be realistic and consider many factors that affect the growth of your medical marijuana plants. Try to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of all decisions and possible outcomes. Knowing and properly anticipating possible expenses can lead you to long-term success.

Attentiveness to Plant Needs
To grow medical marijuana, you also need to be attentive to your plants needs. Although marijuana plants isn’t all that hard to please, but still they need to be provided with the proper atmosphere at all time, maintained appropriate temperature, feeding and airflow. Try to be meticulous with small details to avoid stress that causes marijuana plants to delay their growth or even die. Knowing and understanding all elements of plant growth is necessary to become successful in growing medical marijuana.

Marijuana plants needs to complete their life cycle to fulfill their true destiny and it is your job to do everything to make that happen. Try not to harvest early because you are preventing the marijuana plants to reach its full potential. That means that you need to have patience and know the fact that you will be in this thing for quite a long time. Patience really does pay.

Infuse some positive energy into your plants by showing humility. Take pride with your gardening accomplishments but don’t become the “human buzz-kill” person who always seeks to one-up all comers. Besides, to grow medical marijuana is not a competition of who gets to produce better and high quality pots. Just let your buds speak for themselves. If you love what you are doing then you are already a winner.


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