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Does The Size of Your Pillow Matter?- POSTED

Updated on February 27, 2016
Not every pillow is the right size for everyone. Don't be choosing your pillow based on your mattress size. You could wake up with neck pain....
Not every pillow is the right size for everyone. Don't be choosing your pillow based on your mattress size. You could wake up with neck pain.... | Source

Is It Too Big or Too Small?

If your pillow's too big it will flex your head forward. This can cause a hypolordisis in your cervical spine and push it forward as well. When you roll to your side, it cranks your head toward the ceiling.

The same is true if it's to small. Your spine tends to get straightened and flattened out. Instead of too much pillow you have not enough to support your neck. On your side, your head tilts down toward the bed.

One of the reasons for this hub page is that too many people choose their pillow size based on the size of their bed. Because they have a king size bed, they think that they need to buy a large size pillow to sleep on. This is the wrong thinking. How can a petite female that is 5 ft sleep on a king size pillow? It does not make sense and you are setting yourself up for neck pain and a stiff neck if you are currently doing this.

***Keep in mind that if you do have a king size bed, you can have a display pillow that is large or king size. But don't confuse this with the pillow that you sleep on every night.

What Do You Need when it comes to choosing a Pillow?

A pillow that is the right size, with a neck roll helps to improve and maintain neck alignment. The neck roll helps to maintain and improve the normal C-curve. When on you side, it keeps your spine level. This keeps the spine straight up and down.

When you look at someone from the front or back, the spine should be straight up and down. From the side we have a smooth flowing C-curve in the neck.

Also since we are on the topic, a contoured neck pillow is better for you than a flat pillow. It simply supports your head and neck better. Making sure you have the right fit for a contoured neck pillow is important for health.

Posture Is The Window To The Spine

You may have heard this phrase at your chiropractor's office. They should know. They look at spines and postures all day long.

Looking at your posture is a good way to tell if maybe your pillow is not helping.

  1. Is your head jutted out forward (aka forward head carriage)?
  2. Does your head tilt to one side or another?
  3. Does your head tilt up or down?

These are hints to you that you may be using a pillow that's the wrong size.

Why Do People Choose The Wrong Size?

  • One common reason is matching the pillow size to the bed and not your body size. An example is getting a king size pillow because you have a king size mattress, but you are an average size person.
  • Also, a particular individual may be very small and petite. These individuals should have a smaller pillow (not a standard size** or a large size)

Some patients who are petite still prefer to sleep on a standard size pillow instead of a smaller one. This may be because they are used to it. However, if they are looking to change the pillow because what they are currently using is NOT working- then they should consider a smaller size pillow.

Another Hint You Have the Wrong Size of Pillows...

  • you are often waking up in pain
  • you are waking up with a stiff neck
  • you are not able to turn your head when you wake up
  • your ear or inner ear hurts upon waking
  • you are not waking up feeling rested
  • you are not sleeping well
  • you are snoring

Do you think that the size of pillow that you use matters?

Do you think that the size of pillow that you use matters?

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What Are Some Examples of Pillows that Come in Different Sizes?

There are many pillows on the market today that allow you to choose the right size. Here are some examples of that:

  • The arc4life traction pillow (comes in medium and large)
  • The arc4life linear gravity pillow ( comes in small, medium and large)
  • The tricore pillow (comes in standard, mid size and petite)

A Medium size of the tri core pillow: The midcore pillow

Petite Core Pillow: A smaller version of the tri core pillow

© 2014 Arc 4 Life

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