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Sloggers Garden Shoes Prove To Be The Perfect Purchase

Updated on January 1, 2018

Womens Sloggers

Womens Garden Shoes
Womens Garden Shoes | Source

Sloggers Waterproof Rain and Garden Shoe

Selling like hotcakes are the beautifully designed rain and garden shoe by Sloggers. I got these for a gift and probably would not have thought to buy them for myself but they are awesome shoes. They are light and stylish. They do come in a variety of different designs fro kind of flashy to very subdued. They are comfortable and easy to walk around in. They fit but would order a 1/2 size bigger if they had half sizes but they do not so if you are an 81/2 Id definitely order the 9 and they should be fine.

Wear Your Sloggers

The uses for this shoe are many. They were initially designed for the gardener but they are great shoes for walking in puddles. If you were going for a walk on a wet day, wear your sloggers. For a walk in a creek or gorge, wear your sloggers or for chores when its muddy outside, wear them. They are so easy to clean. I've had to throw other shoes away in the past because they were just to muddy and ruined. Not with Sloggers.

Another nice thing is that they keep your feet warm. They can be worn with light or heavy socks and still fit just fine.

The shoes are made with a resin material and will last for a very long time. The company that makes them has been around for 55 years and they make all sorts of other garden products as well.

Sloggers For Men

Sloggers for men are similar in style to the womens but without all the design. The comfort level and the waterproof feature is the same. Instead of heavy work boots that get wet, Sloggers is a nice substitute. Walking the dog, running outside to get the paper, or even for just lounging in the back yard, these shoes are perfect. Sizes run the same as the women's, there are no half sizes so order the bigger size.

Sloggers Rain and Garden Shoes

5 stars for Sloggers


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