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Slow Cooker All Clad Range

Updated on March 7, 2011

All Clad Slow Cooker Online and 12 Inch Pan

All Clad is a brand that became well known ever since it first started in 1971, because they were the first and sole company in the whole of America which made cookware from their own basic materials.

The founder of All Clad was a metal smith and thus had the knowledge and expertise to design and create works of art through metal that distributed heat evenly together with a stylish finish.

The difference between the All Clad slow cooker with other generic ones out there is its heavy duty metallic finish. You will notice it weighs a lot more than expected, assuring it can take even the most brunt of uses due to its robust nature.

Another great product from the All Clad range. The only thing stopping me is that it should only be hand washed compared to nearly every single other pans allowing to be washed in washing machines.

The time it takes to clean the All Clad pan after each session to remove the oil was what made it slightly less appealing than other products. However, the 12 inch pan is great nonetheless providing ample room to grill and fry together your favorite dish.

Why Choose The All Clad 2 Quartz Saucepan

I've always wanted cookware from the All-Clad range to see if it was what everyone else said it was. I finally decided to buy the All Clad 2 quartz saucepan. The first time I used this, I just stood there watching it. You can see the heat being distributed evenly as the water bubbled within less time than I first thought it would take. From now on I look forward to use this in the future. The design is absolutely flawless and although is a tad more pricey than other brands, is definitely worth it.

All Clad Nonstick Technology

Its true people normally don't suggest spending large amounts of money on non stick cookware because the Teflon coating will come off rendering the cookware to be useless, which will make the life of that particular cookware very short making it relatively more expensive.

However, All Clad nonstick cookware uses a special blend of chemicals in its Teflon technology allowing it to resist more abrasion, wear and tear. It has a longer life span than most other non stick products, but will still wear out eventually.


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