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Small Town vs Big City What Is Better

Updated on February 22, 2018

Small Town V.S. Big City What Is Better?

The limitless number of things you can do in a big city is endless because it is so much bigger, compared to a town and with more people means more things to do. If you live in a city you know what I mean. In a city, you can get anywhere, by public transit, a streetcar or the subway it feels limitless because there is so much to see and do. Even a taxi is a useful option in a city. It is also useful in a town if you are desperate because in a town getting from point A to point B if you need transit but you can walk to if necessary. That is what happens in a town if you don’t have a vehicle.

In a city, things are open longer, but that is because there are a lot more people. There are always millions of coffee shops, close by in a city. In a town, things are more spaced out. In a town, shops and people sleep but in the city drug stores and some coffee shops are open 24 hours. So cities don’t sleep, do they? If you grew up in a small town and go to a big city, what is your first thought? Hey, there is more, job opportunities in a city. There is a lot more people, cities are always hopping which means there is a lot more to do. In a town, there might be a select few jobs but that’s it. Small towns are more family orientated you could say then a city.

If you grew up, in a city and move to a town, you notice what is different about, it, for example, if it takes you longer in a town to get from point A to point B. In a town, people speak to each other, more so than people do in a city. If you grew up in a town and moved to a city, you notice the differences. I even notice a difference when visiting a city because I am from a town. What is notice when I visit a city like Toronto is there is so much more traffic, you need to be extra careful and really watch before crossing city streets. Not that town streets aren’t busy, they are but a lot less busy than city streets. In a city, there is more to do, at night. Things don’t close at nine pm in a city like they do in a town. Or are you the type of person who grew up in a town and went visiting a city?

A city is always, awake a town sleeps. For example I from a small town, but my sister goes to school in Toronto, actually she just finished. I am helping her move out. I like cities because I always have to walk places and it is easier with public transit to get around in a city. It is also easier to walk because things are closer than they are in towns.

Small town Vs Big City

If you had to choose a place to live what would you choose

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Yorkdale Mall in the City of Toronto
Yorkdale Mall in the City of Toronto

Is There A Difference Between A Town And A City?

Sure, there is I find people in cities aren’t as friendly as they are in towns. It is still nice seeing them out and about at night experiencing the nightlife of the city. When you are walking somewhere, it makes you feel as though you are not alone. A city is very people friendly and I don’t just mean one type of person I mean a city is more geared towards everyone than a town is. Sometimes people don’t like cities but then again some people don’t like towns either. It just depends on the person. Towns are geared to a specific genre of people for the most part, although every type of person can live in one town. But the town itself is based on one genre of person, which might not work for everyone. That is another difference, between a city and a town. In a town, there might be coffee shops and stores but they are more spaced out then they would be in a city. I love the town that I live in, don’t get me wrong its quiet and spacious and that is what I love about it. I also love being in a city though because I like how everything is within walking distance as I mentioned before.

Ask friends or family if they like living in a town or a city better and see what they say, the answers you receive might surprise you. For example, the city is easier for people if they don’t have a license, or if they just like walking which I like walking so that is another reason why I like the city. But I like a town for that too, it is easy to get around a city more so than a town and that is why I like a city it's faster to get around then it would be in a town. I like towns too, though because I like how tranquil a town can be in spots, vs a city. If I had to choose where I would live, I don’t know where I would choose.

I enjoy both of them and they have both have limitless possibilities when it comes to things to do, However, it depends on what you like better, I enjoy visiting cities occasionally, for example, Toronto but I wouldn't live there because the limitless hustle and bustle is not something that I enjoy. I love living in a town because it is small and it feels homier than a city does in my opinion anyway.

However, each person has their own opinions if they grew up in a city they might like a city better than a town or vice versa depending on who the person is. We all have our own limitless opinions when it comes to town living and city living, I like the limitless stillness of a town sometimes but sometimes I like the limitless business of a city, it just depends on what type of mood I am in as it is with anything when you are comparing.

Where To Go A City Or Town?

Cities and Towns both offer limitless opportunities and possibilities to the people that live there and the people that visit. If you are looking for something quiet to do, go visit a town and look at all the scenery. If you want to be busy and have people around go and visit a city, there are limitless amounts of people around going from place to place. Just decide what you want and go do it, you will be glad you did wherever you choose to go.

Do you like small towns or big cities? Let's Discuss

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