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Buying Tips for Small Window Fans

Updated on September 27, 2011

Stay Cool With Small Window Fans

Small window fans can help keep an individual room cool. Many of them can even act as an exhaust fan to remove stale or warm air from your space. These fans will not cool an entire house but they are perfect for smaller spaces. They are also economical and help keep your total electric bill down.

On this page you can see a variety of well regarded small window fans to consider.

Choosing the Right Fan

When you choose one of these fans you want to be sure to consider the size of the window where you want to place it. You can compare this to the fan's measurements. Many of them offer built-in extender screens and additional extenders to assure a good fit in a range of windows.

You'll also want to look at the ability of the fan to cool the room. More Watts means more power. Dual blades often move more air than single blades.

Plastic blades tend to be quieter but metal is less likely to break.

Small window fans with a thermostat can help you regulate room temperature better, but a timer can also help keep temperatures acceptable when you will be sleeping. Remote controls can add convenience.

Locks and so forth can be a good idea for safety and security.

If you want to use the fan to help remove smoke, odors, or excessive warm air in a room, then reversible fans are a good idea to allow it to be used as an exhaust. Some of these fans allow you to have each one of two fans operate independently, allowing it to perform both functions at once. Electrical control versus manual control of this function makes adjustment easier.

Holmes Small Window Fans

This 2 speed fan has 7 inch blades and will easily circulate air within a room. It will fit windows 24" wide and all the way up to 36" wide with the bonus extender panel. It has an adjustable extender screen to assure you can easily fit it to the window. It measures 22.7" x 11.7" x 5.3". It's manually reversible allowing you to use it not only to circulate air but to remove warm air from a room.

This is another one of Holmes small window fans. It features dual fans and can be electrically reversed to pull in cool air or remove warm indoor air. It has a digital thermostat to regulate temperature as well as a programmable timer to automatically control operation. It also features multiple speeds, adjustable extenders to assure a good fit, and the ability to be mounted either horizontally or vertically in a window. It measures 6.3" x 25.4" x 13.2".


Honeywell is another maker of small window fans. This twin fan unit will fit most double hung and slider type windows measuring 23" all the way up to 38.5" wide. It has built-in adjustable side screens to assure a good fit and to seal out dirt, insects, and other undesirable outdoor hazards. It features a 3 speed, rain resistant motor, adjustable grills that can easily be removed for cleaning purposes, twin blades to better circulate air, an electrically reversible fan, and adjustable thermostat to easily maintain the desired temperatrue. It measures 24.1" x 6.5" x 12.6" and weighs 10 lbs.

Hi Velocity

This 16" fan is larger than most of the other small window fans on this page. It will fit windows measuring 26 to 34" wide and at least 22" high. It's measurments are 26.8" x 22.8" x 9.4". It is a 3 speed fan and is electrically reversible allowing you to also use it as to clear smoke and so forth from a room. It also features "Stormguard" which improves safety and security by allowing you to close the window behind it during inclement weather or when you will be away from home.

Bionaire Small Window Fans

Bionaire makes several small window fans. This one features 2 8.5" fans and will fit double hung, vertical slider, and casement windows measuring from 24" to 37" wide using the 7" built in extender or 2 additional 3" extenders. This fan has 3 speeds and can both draw in cool outside air or exhaust out hot, stale air from indoors. In fact, it can do both things at once by setting each fan to run differently than the other. It has an electronic control LCD, remote control, and a thermostat to automatically regulate temperature based on the desired level you set on the fan. It measures 25.5" 14.1" x 6" and weighs 8.4lbs.

Another Bionaire model, this one has twin 9" blades and multiple speed settings. It also features a digital thermostat for automatically regulating it's operation, and an electrically reversible operation to act as an exhaust to remove warm air or a fan to bring in cooler air. It measures 6.2" x 25.5" x 14" and has a built in extender screen to assure a good fit.


This fan by Optimus has two 8" fans, 3 speed settings and a rain resistant motor. It's electrically reversible allowing it to function as an air circulating fan or an exhaust fan. It has a thermostat to regulate temperature, built in adjustable side screens with locks to assure a good fit, and safety grill guards to help avoid accidental injury. It measures 24.2" x 5.9" x 12.2".


This small window fan from Sunbeam has a thermostat to regulate temperature and an LED display. It has 3 operating speeds and adjustable extender screens. The blades are reversible allowing you to operate one side as an exhaust and the other as a fan. It measures approximately 24.5' x 4" x 12".


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  • PaperNotes profile image

    PaperNotes 7 years ago

    Thanks, hubby and I are actually thinking of ways to make our bedroom cooler. I'll tell him about these window fans.

  • profile image

    briantan 7 years ago

    My apartment window is only 21" wide. Does anyone of a window fan that narrow?



  • portableac7 profile image

    portableac7 7 years ago

    Wow there are many choice of small window fans....... Thank's a lot for the information.

  • DustinsMom profile image

    DustinsMom 7 years ago from USA

    We used these growing up. Lots of choices.

  • Sandyspider profile image

    Sandy Mertens 7 years ago from Wisconsin, USA

    Thanks for the information on fans.