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Small and Compact Sleeper Sofa Beds

Updated on June 10, 2014

Sleeper Sofas to fit your Small Space

We've been asked by several people to write a hub on the 'smallest', or most compact sleeper sofas available. The only way to do this topic justice is to give a bit of background. This hub should be useful whether you decide to purchase a sofa-bed from Sleepers In Seattle or not, because the main composition of all traditional sleeper sofas is the same. Basically, about 95% of the sleepers in the country have the same sleeper mechanism inside, regardless of who actually makes the couch (manufacturer)-- that bar and canvas system we've all seen before. In fact, this mechanism is purchased from a third party, a furniture steel company. This mechanism requires about 4 inches, on either side, between the edge of the mattress and inner-edge of the sofa's arm. Unfortunately, this 8" of space is quite significant when looking for the most compact sleeper possible. While queen sleeper sofas that use this traditional mechanism can range between 77 to about 110 inches, the actual seating dimension, the expanse between the arms, is equal in all models! This is determined by the bed, and indeed the mechanism within. From there, the overall dimension of the sofa will be determined by the size and configuration of the arms; that is, a queen sleeper with straight, narrow arms will take up far less space than a large rolled arm style. The smallest (traditional) queen sleeper sofa runs about 77".

The 'other 5%' are the Comfort Sleepers by American Leather. These sleepers are truly our 'Cadillac' of sleeper sofas. They feature a premium, high-density foam mattress atop a solid wood platform, offering a night's sleep that rivals a boxspring and mattress set you might find in the bedroom, previously unheard of in sleeper sofas. In addition to being the best sleeper sofas we have ever seen, one advantage of the Comfort Sleepers is that they conserve significant amounts of space-- namely those 8" mentioned above. The mechanism within these sleepers allows the mattress to extend all the way to the inner edge of the sofa arms, thereby negating the unused space in more traditional sofa beds. Compounded with the narrow arms of certain styles (such as the Kristina, Natasha, and Patterson), Queen Comfort Sleepers are available in many styles starting at only 69"!


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