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Smart Brewing intoducing the New Coffee Faucet

Updated on March 11, 2012

It takes only 15 seconds to make a cup of coffee,25 for espresso. It has two coffee grinders. You want some milk with that? Sure! It holds liters of milk and it is cleaned automatically.

Scanomat has developed a iPhone or iPad controlled coffee faucet. Because of the SMART BREWING, you can be the boss of your coffee. And from TopBrewer,this is possible.

It has Status Messessages to let's you be full control.

Macchiato,cappuccino,latte.tea or chocolate are wonderful. With via bluetooth or wifi or touch a order by your cell phone. I was wondering where the water came from. There is three different tubes below in the cabinet, one for coffee,one for milk, and one for the water. The whole machine is up under and inside there. All you see is a Faucet, but when you look very close, there is a touch panel.


Is it just me or is this like from the Jetsons or something. The jury is still out with this apparatus. Plus I can't get a price on this anywhere, they are too scared to tell us how much this here coffee maker is.It would be wonderful to have one, but with my luck, I would mess it up or it would get a mind of it's own, and start going CRAZY one day, shooting out sweet and sticky foam everywhere. And also if I had one, well, if I won the lottery, I would nick name it Rosie from the Jetsons.


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