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17 Smart Ideas to Organize Your Kitchen

Updated on April 17, 2017
Ashish Dadgaa profile image

Ashish Dadgaa is a Construction Manager with 10 years of experience in the Industry. He writes about Home Improvement and maintenance.

For many people, a kitchen is a place for eating and enjoyment. That means you do not only want a neat kitchen for cooking but also need a good space to sit and have a good time with a few drinks. Those who has a compact kitchen need to make a space for kitchen essentials by utilising every cranny and nook. These easy and simple kitchen tricks will assist you to increase your storage space, which will permit you to keep your kitchen arranged. I am going to share some helpful kitchen tricks which will make cleaning quick and easy.
When you want to clean the home, the kitchen must be your first priority. But why? Because that's where you store and cook the food. Who would like to store and eat food in a filthy kitchen? I will show you 17 smart ideas to organise your kitchen, which are as follows:


Wooden Spice Rack

We generally keep our spices jars in a cabinet and use it only while cooking. We do not like to keep it outside and show it our guest. I have one unique solution to add an element of artwork in your kitchen with various colours of spices. You can utilise old wooden slab and cut it into various sizes and fix it on the wall, then install various sizes of holders to keep coloured spice jars, which will enhance the look of your kitchen.


Curtain Rod for Hang

While arranging your kitchen, it is common to overlook the area beneath the sink. Never dump various cleaning supplies below the sink, make sure you arrange them properly to get more space. There is an innovative idea to arrange them very well. You can add mid-size curtain rod inside the cabinet, then you hang all your cleaning supplies on the rod.


Cabinet Shelves

To increase cabinet space try to install wired racks. The shelves come in various width and height. You can buy as per your cabinet height and width. After installing that you can store bowls and plates nicely within the same cabinet. By doing this you can double your overall storage space.


illuminated Pan Holder

You can take benefit of vertical space in your kitchen by hanging a pan rack with incorporated light fittings, which throw light to your working space and you can hang your pot, vessels, and pans. This will give a creative touch to your kitchen.


Below Sink Pull Out

Why keep dirty cleaning sponge and soap outside? It gives an unclean look to your kitchen. To avoid that fix two hinges to false drawer below the sink. It will be useful to hide unhygienic cleaning tools and materials.


Breakfast Storage Area

You utilise your kitchen island platform for preparing dinners, but you can utilise space under one side of the island as a breakfast storage space. You can make wooden boxes to store cans, vegetables, fruits and recycling stuff.


Drawer for Kitchen tissue roll

Under your kitchen platform, you can create open front face drawer with built in kitchen tissue roll which makes tissue roll easy to reach.


Concealed Pegboards

An arrangement of columns on both sides of the sink look simply enhancing, however, they're absolutely useful as you can hang cleaning clothes or small broom and dustpan.


Toe-Kick ladder

In case if you have upper cupboards which are difficult to reach then Toe-Kick ladder below your kitchen cabinet will be few steps away with an ideal arrangement.


Less is More

Effectiveness is the key when you have a compact kitchen. Try to accommodate all the require accessories within simple and quick reach. Ensure that you only keep required tools and materials within your cabinets and shelves. It will make your kitchen look alluring.


Bins and Basket Storage

Arrange your storeroom staples in transparent, pull-out buckets it will be simple and easy to make out what you have in store and what you will require.


Best utilization of Least Obvious Spaces

Generally, all kitchen cabinets are having toe-kick drawers which look inadequate in size but you can store flat food plates, baking tray or serving tray.


Container or jar lids organizer

Do you have a spare file or document organiser? You can fix it on the door shutter of your cabinet. It will be simplest and creative way to arrange all your lids in one place.


Space Over the Entryway

Never neglect those difficult-to-reach spaces. You can reach easily with a help of compact ladder. The rack over the entryway can store unwanted utensils, cookbooks, and cutleries.


Clothespins for kitchen towels

You can keep your kitchen towel neat and tidy by simply sticking 4 to 5 clothespins on the wall utilising glue or double-faced tape. After that just hang colourful towels in all the clothespins.


Modular Shelving with Mix and Match

The enjoyment of floating racks, for example, these are that you can place them any way you need, which creates them a perfect choice for your compact kitchens.


Small Space beside the Fridge

The tall pull-out racks next to the refrigerator, which is openable from both sides so it will be very helpful and simple to look what you have in your store.

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    • Ashish Dadgaa profile image

      Ashi 5 months ago


      Thank you so much :)

      I am glad that you liked these ideas :)

    • sunitibahl9 profile image

      SBHK 5 months ago from India

      Wow, Thanks for the superb ideas. I am surely gonna try a few

    • Ashish Dadgaa profile image

      Ashi 12 months ago


      Yes, Alyssa, this ideas are ideal for a small kitchen when you don't have enough space to accommodate all our groceries. Please keep in your mind and consider this application during summer or whenever you organize your kitchen :)

      Thank you so much for your feedback :)

    • Alyssa Nichol profile image

      Alyssa 12 months ago from Ohio

      Fantastic ideas! It is important to utilize every space, especially if you have a small kitchen, much like my own. I've always loved the idea of the hanging pots. Someday. :) Your ideas have sparked a few of my own and I may be employing some of them this spring/summer as I reorganize my house. Thank you for sharing!

    • Ashish Dadgaa profile image

      Ashi 12 months ago


      Thank you so much for your constant support and Inspiration :) are a sharp observer :)

      Thanks :)

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 13 months ago from The Caribbean

      All are great suggestions. Number 7 is my special favorite neat idea. Thank you.

    • Ashish Dadgaa profile image

      Ashi 13 months ago


      Thank you so much for your feedback :)

      I hope this can organize your kitchen. :)

    • Glenis Rix profile image

      GlenR 13 months ago from UK

      Thanks for some neat and inexpensive ideas