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Appeal to a buyer's sense of smell

Updated on November 17, 2013

Scented Candles

Setting the Stage

You’ve done all the staging and repairs to prepare your home for buyers, but one of the most effective tools to add buying appeal is the home’s scent. The smell of your home can either be inviting or scare off potential buyers.

Pet Odors

Although pet odors are an annoyance, odors of mildew or decay will lead buyers to believe there are bigger problems with the home. Since you live in the home and may not notice any unwanted smells, have a neighbor or friend walk through your home to point out any unpleasant odors. If you own pets, before going through the trouble of eliminating pet odors, board your pet during the time your home will be on the market.

Natural and Professional Cleaning Solutions

The easiest way to eliminate bad odors from soft surfaces is by sprinkling baking soda, allowing it to sit and absorb for a few hours before vacuuming up. If the odor remains, you ca opt to hire a professional cleaning service to deep clean your carpets, fabric furniture and drapes. To eliminate bad kitchen odors, one trick is to run half a piece of citrus fruit through your garbage disposal. Also, don’t forget to take out your kitchen garbage daily.

To add pleasant odors, be sure not to go overboard where it smells so citrus-like or floral that it’s obvious you’re trying to cover something up. It’s best to incorporate scents that seem to belong in your home. For example, in your kitchen and living area a brewed coffee or baking scent will seem appropriate. If you want to use floral scents, incorporate real scented flowers in rooms so there’s an actual reason the room smells that way. For your living room, if there is a fireplace and logs, then the appropriate scent choice would be a pine scent.

No matter what scent you choose, research shows potential buyers look more favorably on a pleasant-smelling home than an unpleasant one or one that has no scent at all.

Baking Powder

How to Remedy Bad Odors

  • Take the stink out of your garbage by cutting a lemon, lime or orange into chunks and simply throwing it into your garbage disposal for a fresh scent that will spread throughout your whole kitchen. The key is the citrus which eliminates most of the odors.
  • Overpower your delish spicy of fried foods smells from adhering to your kitchen cabinets by boiling a cup of vinegar, which will not only the vapors cuts the stinkiness but is also an immediate solution.
  • Rub out puppy pee carpet stains with vinegar that kills bacteria and also removed the urnie smell.

Outdoor Home Repairs

Room by Room

Living Room
Fresh flowers always help eliminate bad odor
Reguarly clean countertops
Key is to utilize your ventilization system or invest in a fan to avoid mold and mildew
Refresh your laundry appliances by adding a cup of either vinegar or bleach and run for one full cycle
Consistently bed linens and upholestry
Vacuum floors everyday
Regularaly wipe down all hard surfaces
Clean/Replace curtains
Wipe stove after every use
Kitty's litter box spot? Invest in an air purifier system since it last much longer than traditional sprays

Simple Checklist before your Home's Showing

  • Replace cabinet hardware or upgrade smaller items like light switches and outlets.
  • Maximize your curb appeal by keeping your yard cut to a reasonable height and also keep trees and branches trimmed.
  • Get rid of excess clutter like newspapers and magazines and put away all shoes and laundry.
  • Make any small repairs now to save yourself time and from having it to to this at a later time anyway.



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