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Smoke Detector Camera

Updated on July 22, 2009

A smoke detector camera offers a discreet surveillance unit, all in the disguise of a regular smoke alarm. A smoke detector of this design will appear to observers as a typical monitor, when in fact it is allowing a room to be watched discreetly. Cameras are able to capture images in either color or black and white, as well as picking up sound if equipped with a built-in microphone.

The actual workability of a smoke detector often varies on a particular model - some of the detectors do function in the exact same way as a stand alone detector, while on other smoke detectors - it is simple an empty casing to hide a covert camera, with no smoke-detection capabilities. Hidden inside the unit are a transmitter, high-grade camera, antenna, and all associate kit to get the system up and running.

Mace, Self-Defense Store, Safety Technology, Combined Safety, and KJB Security all design and manufacture a series of functioning and non-operating smoke alarms, able to capture video in low lights, monitor audio if equipped with a microphone, with camera able to record in either color or black & white. These camera spy units can cost in the region of $75 - $315, all dependent on a models particular capabilities.

Do it yourself home security systems of this nature offer ease in installation, a hidden camera in smoke detector can be fixed in place in moments, its just a case of fixing the wall or ceiling mount. Ideal in a home as well as an office, warehouse, or retail premises. These surveillance cameras can be installed in almost all inside locations, although the best performance with be achieved if mounted to a ceiling. In addition, areas of direct sunlight or exposure to halogen light, is not advisable.

A covert smoke detector camera set-up can be ideal for those running a small business or shop and wish to have a camera installed that looks down on a cash register, a stock room or entrance or exit points. With one of these surveillance devices attached to a ceiling, it can often achieve a perfect viewing angle. Hidden within that sensor grill is a miniature camera to record all what unfolds beneath it.

A wireless smoke detector camera is perfect for a variety of placements, as it has a appearance of a typical detector, a high-quality surveillance system can literally be hidden in plain site.


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