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Smokeable herbs and plants

Updated on November 27, 2010

not only marijuana

So far I always tough that tobacco and marijuana, where the only two plants in the world that you can actually smoke, but guess what? there are thousands of plants and herbs you can smoke which are not drugs since it doesn't cause any addictions, here are some of them.

Poppy plant:

Originating in Mesopotamia. Galen warns against abuse of this plant. In China was used as a sedative from the tenth century, becoming the largest producer of opium (30 million tonnes per year).

Algae of Fuco

s abundant plant in the British Isles and the Atlantic Ocean. Contains vitamins C, B and E, bitter principles, essential oil, magnesium, potassium, iron, sodium, calcium, silica, bromine and iodine. Has slimming properties, nutritional, antirheumatic, antipaperas or goiter, and antiasthmatic. It is highly recommended plant asthma, obesity, gout, rheumatism and poor healing wounds in which case you should mix with the Equisetum arvense. Is inconsistent when ingested beer and flour. The dried fucus was used as a substitute for snuff cigarette smoked way or a pipe.Fuco cigarettes, advised against the consumption, they were prepared to fucus leaves are sometimes added stramonium leaves and sage.


According to Dr. A. Cuenot "Its toxicity is much lower than that of snuff. The harvest takes place after flowering. Given the toxicity of the flower, the leaves should be retained. Smoking is the dry, but improves fermentation aroma, very similar to thesnuff.


The ingestion of the root causes nausea and vomiting. In England, mixed with coltsfoot and smoked a cigarette so. Cazin account that cured a cold lung through the smoke of the leaves one hour twice a day.


Also called stramonium. Its leaves are harvested after flowering and dried with hot air for 2 days. After exposed to air for another day. Mixed with other plants is used against asthma by way of cigarettes. Has narcotic and antispasmodic properties. Exerts a rapid action on bronchial spasms

Black Currants

There are about 150 species of currants. The doctor  Forestus tells how he cured a patient with urinary retention of 10 days thanks to the infusion of its leaves. Its leaves contain vitamin C, essential oil, tannin and emulsin. Plant is diuretic, antirheumatic and is strongly indicated in gout and catarrh of bladder. Its leaves are used as a substitute for snuff. Before selecting debeen chop is thoroughly dry healthier

And the list go on and on... so next time you think on smoke something that kills you, maybe you can get more information, there "healthy plants" to smoke :)

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