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Sno Brum

Updated on March 31, 2012

I was cleaning snow off my car the other morning, which has become a ritual this year, and my brush broke. This is the fifth one this month I guess I need to stop buying dollar store cheap brushes. So I started looking for a decent brush and a friend of mine said he just got the Sno Brum. When he showed it to me, it was a nice light and felt extremely strong. I used it the next day to clear off my car and wow what a difference. Simple and easy things impress me this is one of those moments.

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So, I went and got my own, it was relatively inexpensive and defiantly worth the money over my dollar store purchases. The Sno Brum is made from highly durable grade polyurethane that is meant to handle the toughest of snow clearing and the smallest. It even has a telescopic handle that can reach the top of my SUV. This helps because if you have a larger car and the snow is on top it makes for an uncomfortable drive for the first 15 minuets.

I am also extremely conscious person of my cars paint job. Anyone that spends money to own a car wants to make sure that there are no scratches or dings associated with removing anything from on top of it. The Sno Brum offers excellent protection against scratching or scuffing your car while removing the snow. With the soft brushes and foam head it easily pushes the snow from the car without damage.

The reason that the Sno Brum offers such extensive protection is, because of the high end materials it is made from. The high-impact plastic face plate is supported by seven columns that distribute the weight load, making it effective on even heavy, wet snow. So, if you are searching for the perfect snow clearing tool that will not harm your car and is easy to clean off then the Sno Brum is for you


1. Guaranteed not to scratch or scuff you cars paint.

2. Made from highly durable polyethylene

3. Telescoping handle that stretches 27 to 46 inches

4. Foam head measures 17-inches x 6-Inches

5. Guaranteed 1 year manufactures warranty


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