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Snow Joe SJ618E 18" 13 AMP Electric Snow Thrower Review

Updated on January 17, 2016

Got snow problems?

When it is winter again, you may find yourself worried by the snow that is going to cover your driveway or walk paths. Snow can be stressing and in case you are wondering how to deal with the nuisance caused by it Snow Joe SJ618E 18" 13 AMP Electric Snow Thrower will come in handy. Forget the other manual ways of clearing the huge lumps of snow such as using the shovel and embrace this new technology. A review of this amazing snow thrower will be an eye opener to you if you haven’t tried. It is an easy to use machine, with features that are adjustable and can turn in a complete 180 degrees to cover all the areas.

Features of the Snow Joe SJ618E 18" 13 AMP Electric Snow Thrower

The Snow Joe SJ618E 18" 13 AMP is a large electric thrower that dispenses the power of gas machines using an electric unit. It is driven by a 13-amp motor and moves snow of up to 550 lbs. per minute.

It is instilled with the 2-blade cold and abrasion resistant rotor that cuts a band of 18 inches width by 8 inches depth with every pass it makes. This is a plowing capacity that is excellent and cannot be found with any other similar machine.

In addition, this machine has all-terrain wheels that bare easy-glide. This is a feature that helps it to easily turn and maneuver on any terrain. It also has a scraper blade at the base that scrapes off the snow efficiently and is capable of clearing the snow without damaging the pavement or the deck.

The Snow Joe SJ618E 18" 13 AMP also comes with chute that is adjustable and rotates a complete 180º to cover to ensure full control of the direction of the stream flow of the snow. This chute is easily adjusted to regulate the height of the stream.

It is worth noting that this machine is easy to use as you can start it with little effort and maintaining it does not require many technicalities. It does not require any oil, tune- ups or gas to operate. It is an ETL-approved machine and has a two years warranty. This makes it more appealing as to why you should opt to purchase one.

Tired yet?
Tired yet?

What other buyers had to say about it

Some top reviews by those who have used the Snow Joe SJ618E 18" 13 AMP show that this machine is a top product that can be relied upon at all times. Based on that review here are some advantages of owning one:

  • It helps one get access to a hilly ground where other lighter throwers could not access.
  • The machine has the ability to do away with freshly fallen snow as compared to others.
  • It is relatively cheap but still the quality of the work it performs is high.
  • It is easy to assemble

It cannot always be perfect at all times and this agreeable fact. The machine has some few errors that need to be corrected as some of the users highlighted. But these complaints do not surpass the pros that come with it.


The plastic blades hinder it from effectively removing packed snow.

  • Limited snow throwing distance buy or not?

In conclusion, having a Snow Joe SJ618E 18" 13 AMP Electric Snow Thrower is an added advantage when it comes to that winter season. It is an easy to assemble and use machine and does not require much hassle. It is ideal for easy and quick snow picks on steps, decks, patios, driveways as well as sidewalks. It has the capacity of maneuvering through any terrain as it has easy glide all terrain wheels that makes it easy to move around. The amount of snow that it lifts is relatively high at 550 lbs. and is powered by a 13-amp motor. It does not require oil, gas or tune-ups. It is just a stress free machine to use. Its price is pocket friendly and is fit for your budget. You can get one from amazon at $ 127- $219. For any snow throwing machines, do not look further as the Snow Joe SJ618E 18" 13 AMP Electric Snow Thrower has the perfect solution to your snow problem.


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    • FlourishAnyway profile image

      FlourishAnyway 23 months ago from USA

      With the big snow storm coming this is certainly helpful information. I hate shoveling.

    • VationSays profile image

      VationSays 23 months ago

      Hi Dana! Thanks for the feedback :)

    • Dana Tate profile image

      Dana Tate 23 months ago from LOS ANGELES

      I seen one of these on an infomercial and it seems like a great buy. I live in California, no snow here; however, If I lived in a snowy area this would be a must have. Great review.