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Snow Thrower

Updated on October 28, 2010

Introduction to the Snow Thrower

For a large portion of the globe, the Winter season brings with it vast quantities of snow fall, which can often leave businesses crippled, and residents trapped in their own homes. Salting driveways and carparks can be both expensive and time consuming, and shovelling a clear path through the snow can be a labour intensive nightmare, especially for older people.

Using a snow thrower can save you hours of work, and the good news is that you can buy a snow thrower to suit your needs, and price range. You can get a cheap electric snow thrower for less than $100, but dont expect to be able to do more than clear the worst of the snow off the top of your tarmac. If however you own commercial premesis, you might need to invest in a two stage gas powered snow thrower, which can safely clear snow completely off the ground, and even skim snow off of gravel.

Snow Thrower

One of the Best Snow Throwers in action!
One of the Best Snow Throwers in action!

Types of Snow Thrower

There are two main types of snow thrower available to most consumers and small businesses.  These are one stage and two stage snow throwers.

One Stage Snow throwers (Also known as single stage snow throwers) are available in both electric snow thrower and gas snow thrower models. Two Stage Snow Throwers (or Dual Stage Snow Throwers) on the other hand are generally powered by gas only. 

One Stage Snow Throwers (Singe Stage)

One Stage Snow Throwers (Or Single Stage Snow Throwers) are generally very simple, they have a single blade or auger which is normally made out of a tought rubber material. This will then throw up the snow through a chute over to the side of your path.

The bad news is that one stage snow throwers rarely work on gravel surfaces, since they also have a tendancy to pick up the gravel, or dig up earth, which can damage your single stage snow thrower and harm the look of your ground.

While one stage snow throwers can be bought in either gas or electric varieties, gas snow throwers tend to be more powerful than electric snow throwers. Although more expensive industrial electric snow throwers will obviously beat a cheap gas snow thrower when it comes to both power and efficiency. For home use a single stage snow blower will probably fit all your snow thrower needs.

Two Stage Snow Throwers (Dual Stage Snow Thrower)

Two stage snow throwers are much more versatile than their single stage brethren. Unlike one stage snow throwers, dual stage snow throwers can easily work on gravel and uneven surfaces, without risking damage to your property or your snow thrower.

Two stage snow throwers work slightly differently than one stage snow throwers.  Whereas Single stage snow throwers dig the snow, a two stage snow thrower skims the surface of your ground and litterally slices the snow, or even hard ice, off the ground with a strong metal (Usually steel) blade. From there it is then thrust through a chute through a strong fan.

The steel blade allows you to basically shave the snow from any surface, leaving behind nothing but a barely noticable thin layer of snow. Due to the amount of power required most dual stage snow throwers are gas powered, however you can get industrial strength electric snow throwers which use a dual snow thrower technology.

Why Buy a Snow Thrower?

A shovel may be able to do the job, but if you live in an area where snow comes down fast, thick, and heavy, then it really is not going to do the job. A snow thrower can help you quickly clear a driveway, road, or parking lot from snow.

Snow Throwers are essentially a simple way to move snow fast, and while the more expensive snow throwers do look too expensive, for a business owner, a clear car park could be worth a whole lot more.


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