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Soap Containers With Class

Updated on June 19, 2013

My Favorites

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While traveling a couple of years ago and visiting local gift shops, I stumbled into a display of beautiful glass cruets designed to hold oil and vinegar. These bottles were perfect for my kitchen! I did not use these fun items for their intended purpose, but placed them on my sink to hold hand and dish soap.

.Placing dish soap under the counter does not work well at our house Our dish soap stays near the sink for easy access. You might also find a hand soap perched next to it. Before my fun find, my sink was cluttered and unsightly with my collection of mismatched containers.

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I removed the metal dispenser after a few days because the bottle was clogged with the thick dish soap! Now we are able to pour soap onto a sponge or into a dirty pan for easy cleaning.

These bottles are made of thick glass! Yes, I have dropped them a time or two without damage! Fill your container with your favorite soap! Don't forget to choose your soap color to compliment your decor!

I have a clear glass cruet in my guest bath! It looks nice next to a candle and fancy bar soap. Keep your eyes open for your special soap dispenser. Happy hunting!


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