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The Soap Dish

Updated on October 14, 2016

Welcome To The Soap Dish

You walk into a bath shop to browse, and ten minutes later you realize that you have become seduced by the soft, clean scent of an exotic soap. Once inside the store, you become intoxicated by the aromas, intrigued by the artisan soap designs, and enamored by the unique soap furnishings. Then you begin to imagine yourself in a deep hot tub full of suds surrounded by an elaborate display of soap dishes filled with luxuriously scented bath jewels.

The shop inspires many ideas for redecorating your private bath. But once you get home and look around, sometimes there are conflicts between ideas and reality, leaving you with thoughts about where to begin. Buying soap is relatively easy. But, installing a new soap dish sometimes is not. When purchasing a soap dish, you begin to think about quality, utility, ease of use, and functionality. Should you chose to remodel the bath, often built in soap dishes can be a chore to replace, and difficult to install.

The Ultimate Holder Of Soaps

The Soap Dish photo above is an example of a chrome recessed combination toothbrush holder and soap dish. This is a very standard, functional, and practical. With little care, The chrome recessed soap dish will stand the test of time and still maintain its shine. The example shown is still in use from when the house was built more than sixty years ago.

Typically builders use products that must meet the criteria of the architects' and builders' design and specifications. Very often installers run into situations where they may need specific product installation guidelines and instructions. This page was composed to provide a convenient source for both.

The Soap Dish Is The Bathroom's Most Useful Tool

There are probably as many different types of soap dishes as there are different types of soaps. Soaps come in liquid, whipped, or block formed, and soap dispensers are available for each type you may be interested in.

Soap Dish Information, Installation, and Specifications - Does your soap dish meet the spec?

Below are a few links to some helpful resources to connect you with credible soap dish information, installation instructions, product guidelines, and specifications.

How To Make Hand Made Soap

Soap Of The Day

Sometimes the most beautiful thing about the soap dish is the soap it holds. Hand made artisan soaps are truly functional works of art. Specialty soaps display beautifully while serving sanitary purposes at the same time. Below are a examples of hand made artisan soaps by Donna Anne of AnGelsKiss Soaps.

The Beauty Of Hand Made Artisan Soaps

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Apple Blossom -- Artisan Glycerin SoapChocolate Raspberry Ripple -- Artisan Glycerin SoapTranquil Pear -- Artisan Glycerin SoapLime Margarita  -- Artisan Glycerin SoapTranquil Seas   -- Artisan Glycerin SoapHappiness -- Artisan Glycerin Soap
Apple Blossom -- Artisan Glycerin Soap
Apple Blossom -- Artisan Glycerin Soap
Chocolate Raspberry Ripple -- Artisan Glycerin Soap
Chocolate Raspberry Ripple -- Artisan Glycerin Soap
Tranquil Pear -- Artisan Glycerin Soap
Tranquil Pear -- Artisan Glycerin Soap
Lime Margarita  -- Artisan Glycerin Soap
Lime Margarita -- Artisan Glycerin Soap
Tranquil Seas   -- Artisan Glycerin Soap
Tranquil Seas -- Artisan Glycerin Soap
Happiness -- Artisan Glycerin Soap
Happiness -- Artisan Glycerin Soap

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  • ctavias0ffering1 profile image

    ctavias0ffering1 8 years ago

    Excellent lens, some fabulous soap dishes here. Mine is an antique silver dish with a glass liner 5* and a sprinkling of Angel Dust for a delightful lens