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Soda Vending Machines

Updated on June 11, 2013

What is it about soda vending machines that makes them so fun? That clattering of the coins, making your selection and punching the button, the big thunk of the bottle or can, cracking open your favorite soda and taking a big swig, man that’s the best. It’s one of those great memories from your childhood, the money you scraped together or begged from your parents and then riding your bike down to the corner gas station that had your favorite soda vending machine. Or maybe it’s memories of the open road and stopping in  some tiny town for a quick drink of something cold. Whatever it is, soda vending machines are a true American icon.

So, wouldn’t it be great to have your own soda vending machine? One of those old fashioned Coke machines in your clubroom or finished basement would fit in so well. Or maybe you are a more modern minded person and you’d like a newer model of soda vending machine. Whatever your preference and whatever your style, having your very own soda vending machine is a fun and unique addition to your home that the whole family will enjoy.

Choose from an array of soda vending machines to purchase one for yourself.
Choose from an array of soda vending machines to purchase one for yourself.

About Soda Vending Machines

Did you know that the very first vending machine was built 2000 thousand years ago? Well, it was! Hero of Alexandria, a mathematician living in 215BC, built a vending machine that dispensed holy water in an Egyptian temple. Worshipers would put a coin into the machine, and the coin would fall onto a pan of holy water attached to a lever, which would cause the pan to tip. When the pan was emptied, the coin would fall off and the flow of water would stop.

After that time, the first modern vending machines were made in England to dispense post cards. In the United States, vending machines were set up on the subway platforms in New York City to sell chewing gum to commuters. It was in the 1920s that the first vending machines were used to dispense soda pop into paper cups. Then in the 40s and 50s, the classic soda bottle machines for Coca-Cola and Pepsi were designed and distributed by the Vendorlator Manufacturing Company. These machines are highly sought after by collectors and fans of soda vending machine culture.

Buying Soda Vending Machines

There are a number of ways to go when purchasing soda vending machines. The first way to go, if you are a vending machine purist, is to find an antique machine, an authentic model from the hey day of soda pop dispensing. These machines can be located on Ebay or on Craig’s List, and there are a number of other websites and retailers available online for the purchase of antique vending machines.

These antiques have also been replicated in recent years so that you can buy a brand new soda vending machine in an antique style. These machines are a bit less pricy than the true antiques but can still give your clubroom a nostalgic feel of yesteryear. Also, because they are new, the parts and features will be in tip top shape and so will not require any repairs or refurbishing.

Of course, if it is simply that you are on the lookout for a soda machine to perform the function of dispensing soda and you are not a history or nostalgia buff, then you may just wish to buy a contemporary model of vending machine. These machines are also available online and can be either rented or leased from vending machine distributors or purchased outright. In addition to the contemporary design of these machines, which may appeal to you, they are also fitted with the latest vending technology. Many of these soda vendors accept one or five dollar bills, and some are even now equipped to handle credit or bank cards.

Soda Vending Machine Sites

If you are interested in learning more about soda vending machines, you may want to check out a couple websites dedicated to the topic. One such site is This site offers information on the different kinds of soda machines that have been manufactured over the years and also provides a discussion area where aficionados can exchange talk on the subject of soda vending. The site has classified listings of soda machines for sale and a link to Ebay auctions for the machines.

For refurbished vending machines of all kinds, including contemporary soda machines, check out the site at With all sorts of soda vending machines catalogued on the website, you can browse through the various models to get a good idea of what is out there for rental or purchase.

Whether new, historic, or reproductions, soda vending machines are a great hobby and an awesome way to spruce up your basement or game room. You may even make a bit of cash while you are at it!


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    • TaraMoyer profile image

      TaraMoyer 6 years ago from West Coast

      Nothing better than an Ice Cold Pepsi from a glass bottle!

    • Sehnonimo profile image

      Sehnonimo 7 years ago from San Bruno, CA

      BenjaminB, that is one epic story, hehe. Being the best pop thief is quite an achievement! Glad you liked the article, and thanks for the comment!

      P.S. Pop? Yep, I checked your profile, and you're from Ohio ^_^ My sister in law is from Indiana, and she was the first person I ever heard call Soda "Pop".

    • profile image

      BenjaminB 7 years ago

      Sehnonimo that is a really cool factoid about the first vending machine for holy water. I remember as a mischievous youngster I used to go camping with my brothers in the woods behind our house and then sneak down to where there was an old style soda machine,the kind that had a separate slot for each kind,I had figured out how to manipulate my arm up into it and could just barely grab the back edge of the cans to pull them down.I was the best pop thief in town,lol. Great hub here interesting stuff!

    • profile image

      Fresh Vending 7 years ago

      Soda vending machines are quite in demand as they are utilized in homes, bars, restaurants, offices extensively.