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Solar Products For Your Home; Save Money on your Electric Bill

Updated on February 25, 2012

You can save a lot of money using simple low cost solar powered items around the house.....

Solar technology has come a long way since the first solar cell was invented in 1883 by Charles Fritts, and the First silicone solar cell invented by Russel Ohl in 1941. Originally solar panels and other solar powered devices cost to much. Now the prices have come down since newer products and technology's have been developed. Today there are a lot of products that are low cost solar powered products available. Many of these products do not require wiring to function.

There are many different types of solar chargers on the market today. These products come in many sizes and capacities ranging from trickle chargers to more powerful and larger quick chargers. They also come with several adapters to connect to various devises (check to make sure the one you chose has the connector you need), Including cell phones and iphones, ipads and other tablets and laptops. They are great for camping, boating and hiking. These chargers are also great to have in emergency's to keep all your devises charged.

Solar cells are used on all different types of outdoor lights. From landscaping accent lights in gardens and walkways, to motion sensor security lights. The portability of solar powered lights make it easy to light sheds and other outbuildings, without digging trenches to run expensive traditional cable. Accentuate architectural designs with solar spotlights, if you decide to change the design these portable lights allow you easily move them.

Solar panel kits come in several different sizes. Focus on what you are trying to accomplish with you solar panel purchase. And you will be able to find something to fill the need. Do you want to power lights in a shed or outbuilding or do you want to run major appliances in an emergency.

There are solar sun calculators available to help you figure out how big of a system you will need. You will also need to consider brackets to hold your solar panel configuration. Also you may need to hire an electrician to wire your system into your existing homes electrical systems


If you are shopping for that had to find gift look no further. These educational toys can transform into a car, boat, windmill or even a dog. They are fun and run on eco-friendly solar power!!!

Build your own solar house with the Oregon Scientific Eco Kids Solar Power House Kit. This interactive toy teaches kids about Eco friendly building and ideas for the next generation of Eco-Designers!!!


There are many different types and sizes of solar powered attic fans available today. You will want to check the CFM (cubic feet per minute) the fan is capable of matches your needs, Also if the unit is mounted through the roof or can be mounted on the gable end of your roof behind your existing gable vents. If the unit needs to be roof mounted you will want to hire a professional to ensure the installation is weather tight.


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