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Soleus Air FTY-25 10-Inch Wall Mountable Table Fan Review

Updated on August 3, 2010

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“The Soleus Air FTY-25 is a very quiet fan even on the highest setting. I use this at night when I go to sleep. I set the timer for 2 hours so that way it doesn’t run all night. This is a great fan for small rooms or offices.”

“This is the quietest fan I’ve ever owned. I use it as a wall mounted fan because I don’t have much space in my room. So far it’s been going strong since I bought it last year. It is definitely worth your money and at such a great price you know you can’t go wrong.”

“This is a small fan that fits just about anywhere. It’s actually pretty powerful considering its size. Best of all it’s extremely quiet.”


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Using a fan is a good way to keep cool during hot summer months or anytime you feel hot. However, choosing a good fan is important if you want to get the best results. That is where the Soleus Air FTY-25 10-Inch Wall Mountable Table Fan comes into play.

The Soleus Air FTY-25 10-Inch Wall Mountable Table Fan has many features for an inexpensive fan. You can adjust the fan’s speed since there are 3 speed settings depending on how fast you want the air to move. It also has a timer where you can set when you want the fan to shut off. The fan also oscillates 180 degrees so you get a wide range of area where the air can be blown. If you want to save space, you could mount this fan on the wall. Just use 2 screws and screw it to the wall and your set.


  • 10-inch silver-and-blue three-speed oscillating table fan with wall-mount option
  • Fan head pivots 180 degrees; three speeds and oscillator toggle switch
  • Sturdy, silver-tone plastic with blue accents; modern, asymmetrical design
  • 2-hour timer for automatic turn-off; wall-mounting brackets; 5-foot power cord



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