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Solid Oak Furniture - Care Guide

Updated on February 27, 2013

Solid Oak Furniture

Owning a piece of Solid Oak Furniture is a rewarding experience. Oak is a resilliant wood, and cared for properly, can last a lifetime, and be passed on to future generations. In today's disposable society, spending a little extra on a well made item of Solid Oak Furniture is a rewarding and wholesome experience. However it is important to care for your furniture to ensure it lasts. Proper care doesn't take up a great deal of time, just a few minutes every 3 months.


Solid oak furniture is very heavy compared to flatpack furniture. Be sure to lift properly, and to always ensure you have help. It is important to leave a gap between your furniture and the wall, to ensure that air can flow, and the oak can breathe.

Do not place any solid wood furniture by a radiator. The heat will dry the wood out.

Keep furniture out of direct sunlight where possible. Sunlight will change the colour of your furniture, so be mindful of any items placed on the furniture. Lamps, telephones or other ornaments should be moved around to prevent shading.

Oak Furniture Maintenance

With any new solid wood furniture, be sure to check for manufacturers instructions, these may form part of your warranty.

A lacquered finish will require a simple wipe down with a damp cloth. Be sure not to use any harsh detergents or bleach.

Wax finishes will require a new coat of furniture wax every 6 months. Be sure to buy a good quality furniture wax to ensure you get the best out of your item.

Oil finished oak furniture will require a good quality linseed or danish furniture oil. While oil finished oak furniture is water repellent the oil does not make it waterproof and the oak furniture may stain if spillages are not cleaned up quickly.


Remember a well cared for piece of Solid Oak Furniture will last for years if cared for properly. Before any cleaning or treatment, always test on an inconspicuous area first to make sure you are not going to damage the wood. Make sure any finish you apply dries thoroughly before touching or placing any objects back on the furniture and most of all take the time to sit back and enjoy the pleasure a piece of solid oak furniture brings.

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