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Solocup Refillable and Reusable K Cup for Keurig Coffee Brewers

Updated on March 22, 2011

Stop littering the environment with your used K cups

I find it odd that so many coffee companies that claim to be environmentally-friendly are now offering their products in K-cups for use in Keurig home brewing systems. It just doesn't make sense to me. These are one-time-use cups that are then thrown away, making them much worse for the environment than brewing a pot of coffee in a Mr. Coffee type machine and pouring it into a mug that can be reused.

Since Keurig did not take the initiative to solve this problem on their own (because they lose $$$ when people don't but the specially-made K cups), other companies have. E-Z Cup is one refillable cup that is compatible with Keurig systems, but it does have some flaws and doesn't brew a cup of coffee as well as the Solofill Refillable K-Cup. The Solofill is designed not only to fit in any Keurig machine, it also has a special nozzle that evenly distributes hot water on the coffee grounds so you don't end up over brewing the grounds in the center and under brewing the ones on the sides (which is something most standard Mr. Coffee type machines do).

Unlike the E-Z Cup, the Solofill does not need paper filters to work. It is the complete package and can be used over and over again without having to buy anything extra except for coffee beans and water (if you're the type who just can't have tap water poured into your coffee machine).  

The Solofill Cup uses a stainless steel mesh for a filter, which admittedly probably doesn't work as well as the paper filters on the standard K-cups, but it's also not going to end up in a landfill.

Although I love so many of the flavors offered in Keurig K-cups, there are still many types of coffee that are not yet available in that format. That's what's really great about the Solofill. You can use any coffee grounds you want in your Solofill and the superb Keurig system will brew them up for you.  


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