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Solutions to Common Moving Fears

Updated on January 25, 2013

The fear of Change.. A new Job, Community, Friends. All of that is enough but what about the fear of the move.

OK so here the pitch moving is never easy no matter where you go there is always so much that you are asking yourself.

Most common moving fears :

Will I meet new Friends, Will my children fit in at the new school?

Will I be able to complete my job duties,

Will I have a good move? Is there enough room in the new house?

These are all relevant fears, how ever preparation can give you the solutions that you need.

First: Do your homework

If you are aware of the moving area, do your homework, research the neighborhood, schools. Make a special trip to the school to meet the administrators. Take your child to remove their fears as well. You may meet a couple new people on the way.

Second: Be realistic

If you are working in then same position doing the same work.. You are going to be able to serve up the same work duties.. With a fresh new start you maybe even have a new desire to push harder and do better.

Third : Prepare Start at about a month before D-Day. Label, Label, Label. Pack in order, know what goes where. There is nothing more frustrating than looking for things in a box. Or worse traveling room to room to put them away. It cuts out the guess work and alleviates the anxiety of losing things in the shuffle.

Here are a couple good Idea's for when you move in... Connect = meet your neighbours. Introduce yourself.

Be excited.. Be Prepared


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    • debbiepinkston profile image

      Debbie Pinkston 4 years ago from Pereira, Colombia and NW Arkansas

      Moving is definitely a scary thing and can bring a lot of stress and anxiety. I think we have to be kind to ourselves and understanding with our spouse and children as they adjust. It helps to realize that it many take up to a year to feel comfortable in the new surroundings

      d to make good friends. It's important for families to pull together, spend quality time together and keep communication open.

      Great Hub!