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Some Tips That You Need to Know About Floor Lamps

Updated on January 9, 2011

Some Tips That You Need to Know About Floor Lamps

When it comes to a floor lamp, you have an association with something old, comfortable, quiet. And these emotional associations are understandable from a rational point of view. The whole point in time, combined size - or rather, in the height of a floor lamp, and the magic of his illuminating part - lampshade or ceiling. The latter is a source of soft light with a high degree of abstraction, but the first - allows the human eye can not strain at close proximity to the lamps.Thanks to the altitude and the principle of generating unfocused light beam, floor help create an ideal atmosphere of peace and comfortability.

The design of floor lamps remarkable. The most important part of a floor lamp - a lamp shade. The classic shade - is framed structure with a strained her cloth. By the way, depending on the design of a particular model, a floor lamp can have several shades. Well now you can buy a floor lamp, which has no shade, but instead uses the ceiling.

What As for support a floor lamp, in addition to the overall design, its most important characteristic - it's height. For example, in rooms with high ceilings and floor lamps are recommended to set the height of pillars about 2,5 meters, and in small rooms, on the contrary - floor lamps with short support. Low floor lamp can already be considered as a source not scattered, as a point of light. Sales also found a compromise - a floor lamp with adjustable height support. If we increase the height of a floor lamp - can be sitting in a chair or on the couch, quietly read a book if the newspaper. Reducing the height of the supports, will be possible to create romantic lighting at the table during an intimate dinner. Floor lamp in the bedroom with an average height of the support will provide a source of soft muted light that will set up a married couple on a quiet preparation for sleep.

Also, you should pay attention to the arc floor lamp, and as you might be interested in retro arc floor lamps.


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