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Two Wheel Fiberglass Tub Cart | Wet | Dry | Orchard | Garden | Farm | Ranch | Commercial

Updated on August 28, 2012

New Two Wheel Cart With A Fiberglass Tub

Rubber tire two wheeled garden, orchard, farm, ranch, refuse cart for dry feeds or wet refuse.

The two wheel garden cart has been a popular item for gardeners for years.

Now image the same balanced wheel system with a fiberglass tub in place of the wooden box.

This handy new cart can be used around the home garden, orchard, farm and ranch for feeds, refuse and for all those wet and messy jobs. Cart holds up to 6.8 bushels or 300lb.

A great way to transport fresh picked fruits and vegetables in from the garden or orchard for processing. This cart will hold up to fallen ripe apples for cider, grapes, and tomatoes.

It is also a perfect cart for institutions, commercial laundries, hotels, factories, and other commercial businesses that need a clean way to transport dry and wet items from point A to point B.

The cart holds up to 300 lbs and will fit through a 30” door. It easy to balance and move large heavy loads. The cart with its fiberglass gel coat finish is very easy to empty and clean.

The fiberglass tub is heavy just like a bathtub but on wheels. Purchase this cart at Cottage Craft Works .com


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