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Sources of Propagated Native Plants & Seeds in the West and Rocky Mountain Regions

Updated on April 21, 2010
Mulein is native to many areas in the Rocky Mountain Region. - Photo by Greg Booth
Mulein is native to many areas in the Rocky Mountain Region. - Photo by Greg Booth


Native plants are required for restoration or native habitat projects that bring to back to life an area’s natural beauty. When talking about native plants, the first question to ask is, native to where? Plants that grow naturally in one location are not necessarily the same plants and varieties that grow naturally just a short distance away. To assure that plants are native to your area, check with nurseries to learn where their stock or seeds originated. Many times, packages of wildflower seeds contain varieties that are wild, but may not be native to the local area, and may be invasive. Below, you will find nurseries that specialize in stocking plants that are native to the west and Rocky Mountain Regions.


Western Reclamation, Inc. ( provides quality seeds from plants that are native to the Western United States, for large scale re-vegetation projects. They specialize in seeds produced from irrigated native systems, located in the Columbia Basin of Washington State, with emphasis on cool season grasses, although they also carry some warm season grasses and forbs.


Western Native Seed ( produces quality seeds from plants that are native to the Rocky Mountain and western Great Plains regions. Promoting the use of native plants for landscaping, re-vegetation and gardening projects. They have many types of native seeds available, including; grasses, trees, shrubs, wildflowers and wetland species. Located in Coaldale, Colorado.


Flagstaff Native Plant & Seed ( provides native plants and seeds for northern Arizona and the Colorado, as well as landscaping and restoration services.  Located near Flagstaff, Arizona.


Pleasant Avenue Nursery ( specializes in plants that are native to the high mountain desert climates, (at elevations from 7,000 to 11,000 feet), of the central Colorado Rockies. With mail order supply not yet available, they encourage you to visit their store, located in Buena Vista, Colorado.




Plant Native.


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