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South Dakota Energy Efficiency Rebates

Updated on July 27, 2010

South Dakota is a land of many textures. The ad lands look formidable from a distance, but up close the fragile hills and plateaus are revealed. At the end of the Badlands National Park is Wall, a famous tourist destination that is home to none other than Wall Drug. Mt. Rushmore finishes South Dakota in dramatic fashion and makes way for more adventures to come. This land has unsurpassed natural beauty. This beauty can be preserved with energy efficiency measures to reduce carbon gases and also reduce the cost of your utility bills.

Residential Energy Efficiency Rebate Program

The utility rebate programs in South Dakota offer rebates that encompass the HVAC equipment, along with the overall energy efficiency of a home. The rebates available are as follows:

Natural Gas Furnace: $250 - $400
Furnace Fan Motors: $50
Natural Gas Boilers: $150 - $400
Natural Gas Water Heater: $75
Electric Water Heaters: $50
Room Air Conditioning Unit: $25
Central Air Conditioning: $100 - $200
Air-to-Air Heat Pumps: $100 - $400
Add-on Heat Pumps: $100 - $400
Ground-Source Heat Pumps: $1,000 - $2,000
A/C Cycling: $40 end-of-season incentive the first year and a $30 incentive in following years
Energy Audit: Free including water heater/pipe insulation
Building Insulation: 70% or $750

One iportant point to make about energy rebates in South Dakota is that some of these programs are multi-state programs. In other words, the funding is shared with other states of sparce population. For this reason, among others it is hard to judge which utilities participate in what programs as these programs could vary significantly from district to district. For information on the availble programs, contact your local utility.

Rebates In Neighboring States

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