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Space Saving Folding, Fitted Sheets

Updated on April 13, 2012

Fitted sheets and the difficulty that they present when we are trying to get them re folded and flat for storage has always been frustrating to me. So i have always folded the fitted sheet the best i could and it would always end up crumpled no matter what i did. For a long time i would either press it out a bit or i would just place the scrunched up fitted sheet on the bed and smooth it out the best way i could.

But oh how it made me feel like the job was only half done. Which was totally unacceptable. So like others before me and others who follow, i would put all kinds of other things on the bed to cover what i considered my best effort, thinking ' at least it's clean and smells fresh'.

But i hated the fact, that i walked away from a bed that always looked unkempt unless it was covered with pillows and a comforter.

I frequently asked myself why didn't it look like the magazine or like the beds at the luxury hotels i loved staying at only to discover that those professionals knew what they were doing and spent years perfecting there particular trade which set them apart from just mere domestics.

There are tricks to every trade, don't ever assume that perfection does not come with practice although, some have to practice harder and longer than others to perfect something down to the last detail.

Setting the scene for anything in this life really does show up in the details.

Making a beautiful bed is the same way, and fitted sheets are the worst of all the details to manipulate and perfect when it comes to saving linen closet space and making up an inviting bed.

Believe all the pillows and comforters make a difference and add an added detail to pure elegance and luxury but, a naked bed done up well only needs small tweaks that makes it appealing to any discerning sleeper.

Yet it never begins with the bed. Any great thing starts with all the pieces that it takes to make the whole. So we need to start with our folding, of course after we have washed our bedding.

Storage no matter where you live is a precious commodity and the truth is we are always searching for ways to find as much space in our closets to fit other things in so that they are out of the way.

So closet space is valuable and most of us take the easy way out when it comes to folding sheets especially the dreaded fitted sheet, but it is easier than you think to neatly fold a fitted sheet so that it takes up less space, looks smooth when you place it on the bed and makes organizing your linen closet easier.

What to do, when folding your fitted sheet;

  1. turn the sheet inside out, and tuck your hands into the corners of the longest ends
  2. stick your hands into the elastic corners, with the raw seams facing out
  3. take you right hand corner pocket and fold it over the left hand, so that the seams are together
  4. transfer that pocket over the right hand and pull the other corner over the left hand
  5. the sheet is now in half, so bring the right hand over the left hand tucking in the corners again
  6. you have a square now, almost
  7. lay the square on a flat surface, with the curves / elastic ends to the right
  8. fold the curve ends over, to do this push your hand into the elastic corner until you create a flattened edge on the top and on the right ,then you have a true fabric square or square of fabric
  9. fold in threes, with the curved edge underneath
  10. fold in threes again, you have a compact flat rectangle

Voila you should have a flat smooth neat fitted sheet, almost like it came from the factory box.

Of course this will take practice. So never hesitate to fold your fitted sheets. You will soon become proficient at it and it will quickly take you less and less time every time you do it. Believe me it becomes a satisfying thing when you have a smoother flatter fitted sheet that you can easily pull out an identify in your now neatly organized linen closet.

Hotel bed at home

It all starts with the best thread count bed linens you can afford.

Even if you can't afford anything amazing purchase something lovely and wash it with lots of softener, vinegar and baking soda then dry it in the dryer with a couple of clean tennis balls bouncing around and making it as supple as it can get.

If you can wash it a couple of times, that is only if it is stiff and inexpensive!!!


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