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Spirit of the God's Garden, Year 3

Updated on February 2, 2014

Reflection on My Life

All Rights Reserved,  SM Rodgers, Legacy of the Skull Master, Author and Owner of the God's Garden in the hub.
All Rights Reserved, SM Rodgers, Legacy of the Skull Master, Author and Owner of the God's Garden in the hub.
SM Rodgers ( aka ladybluewriter) reserves all rights on her photos.
SM Rodgers ( aka ladybluewriter) reserves all rights on her photos. | Source

Sow a Seed and Reap the Harvest

I always try to grow a garden in the springtime that takes me to the fall. It is the process of watching things sprout and take root and just as in my life things often do. I look back at the brightness of the Sunflower that towers over my gardens. It is like reaching to the sun and to the very nature and spirit of God's blessings upon us. It is one of the biggest flowers and brightest that stands majestic and tall. It reminds us that someone is above us, and if it could speak, then it would say to us to remember our roots and the humbleness of our hearts. Think not of your own harvest , but the sharing of the bounty of God's Garden!

My flowers have not yet bloomed or fully developed but my Mammoth Sunflower plants have taken up a mind of their own. I never planted the seed from which they came. Actually my own seeds did not grow or sprout out, and that is teaching us that we are not always in charge of the results. I feel like the hand of God has taken root in my garden and having a will of his own. Over two years ago we had a horrible hail storm, and it brought millions of dollars in damage to Oklahoma City, but in a good light it brought about jobs for many. The insurance industry paid out great deals of money, but for me it was a harvest of half the financing of my car. Today in looking back on what I did with the money, then I can see the harvest, because my car is paid for now. I have small dents that look and appear like that of a grapefruit skin in places. It does not matter for my professor once taught me the form should follow the function. The function of my car was to get me around. It was not to look pretty and all spiffy.

Last year brought forth a drought with up to 109 temperature outside for weeks. It was relentless. My Tomato plants did not produce any harvest but large bushes of blossoms with no fruit. I did harvest squash and shared it around. The biggest harvest that happened in my life was to raise enough money to help my daughter get surgery that year for medical devices that went bad in her body. I found out she was in dire trouble, when I got a call one June day. I see the blessings that came from not only a hospital, a doctors and nursing staff, and three churches but also from all the ones that cared to try to help her. People like advocates who tried their hardest to no avail, and yet help came. It took 6 months and prayers to keep her alive. What more can a mother ask for in a harvest of faith. It was rough here in Oklahoma, but we now have water in our lakes and rain almost each week. Sure we have tornadic weather a lot of wind to contend with. My family is once more by faith stronger and this year my garden is growing a new direction. Tomatoes have not yet recovered like the harvest year that when I first moved here, but maybe one day I will see it happen. This year I have a harvest of herbs, and more than anything I have a harvest of new neighbors to reach out to, and one neighbor who never asks for money but cuts my grass and trims my lawn without asking me, but graciously gives of neighborly love. She offers me her beautiful roses and daisies to plant in my own yard. My neighbors are of all nationalities, and it is a cultural sharing of life. I was not raised in Oklahoma, but each day I meet a new friend and share a new experience in life.

As I spoke of times in my other articles about the years of my God's Garden, then I asked you to look at your own sowing of the seed, and sharing with others, but most of all we can honor the one who created us to love our neighbor and reach out and collect his harvest no matter what form it takes in life. Let that Mammoth Sunflower tower over my neighborhood as it finds others to share it's uniqueness and purpose for being in my yard. Let it reach out with the article and give hope to those still in need.

Thank you God for the gift of rain and taking away the drought in Oklahoma that hit over 28 states. For those still in drought this year, then I say plant your own God's Garden of faith and hope. Remember that hardy flower grew in the hottest temps ever. I will be praying for your blessings to come and relief for the hardships you are experiencing. Once more I ask you to watch out for the innocent horses and all the live stock that might get dumped and starving without your help. Things like that happens, when those who own them cannot feed nor take care of them in hardship situations. Please be observant, because it even happened to me one Thanksgiving day. I found a starving herd of horses in a field near where I lived. They were dumped there , and I had to get them rescued and help.

God reign over my garden with a shining light of hope. Teach people to share and experience life in a non- discriminating way. May we find the best in all adversity, and take up the quest to make our world around us better. By my faith I send you the blessings of the God's Garden. May you come to know it as I have done with a special harvest.

Finally, my flower has towered and decided to bloom. Remember I did not plant this flower. It is in the exact almost same place as last year, but there are two more flowers not yet bloomed in other places in my yard that I did not plant. I had to show you the bright beauty of the life of a Sunflower that brings hope to our lives through God's blessings.


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    • ladybluewriter profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from United States

      Thanks for the compliment gardeninsights! I try to let God touch my life in a positive way. I always place my God's garden in his hands to bring forth my harvest.

    • gardeninsights profile image


      6 years ago from Western New York and Pennsylvania

      This is very nicely written. Thank you!

    • ladybluewriter profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from United States

      Today I realized several things about my God's Garden in year 3. I see the strength of the stalk that rises up and the flower is beginning to open up. It is not as big as last year, and one of the stalks now has three flowers showing on it. I am awaiting the opening of those flowers as well. Once more on the news I hear we are approaching 100 temperatures next week. I am thinking and reflecting on last year. I see myself growing new things this year, but I also see things like bugs eating away at the fruit I have planted, and my squash plants have been devoured by some creature in my yard. Today I saw cucumbers growing on the vines I had planted and the herbs are flowering up and looking hardy. I ask myself what it is that God is showing me this year with the flowers I did not plant that came up. I always learn a lesson, and once more as I said we had a major hail storm that brought forth much damage around our city. Once more house tops are being redone. Many cars were damaged. I see multiple jobs out there and more people from all states around coming into the Oklahoma area to work on the houses. Still I ask you what could God be telling me about the garden or life. I thank my neighbor once more today for cutting my grass without asking or without a request of money in return. I guess I can say those are blessings I should be thankful for. I ask on behalf of my neighbors for prayers for their grandchild that was born and placed in intensive care. The baby was born in the middle of the night , and when my dog alarmed me to flashing lights and noises, then I saw a fire truck and ambulance outside mine and their house. If you are of faith, then please pray for this child to survive. Many blessings go out to all of you. Please be there to receive them graciously, when they arrive.


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