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Market Forecast and Tips for Spray Foam Contractors

Updated on April 26, 2016
Spray foam contractor installs closed cell foam.
Spray foam contractor installs closed cell foam.

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray polyurethane foam contractors who want to increase their job leads should follow the construction industry closely. In fact, many construction contractors add spray foam as a component of their construction business. Smart spray foam contractors find ways to become intimately linked with the construction industry. New construction provides ample opportunities to utilize the application of spray foam to its fullest.

The demand for new construction is still on the rise, and it should continue to rise through the year 2019. The growing demand for spray foam insulation in conjunction with supporting government regulations is expected to improve the global market outlook. Increased public awareness of environmental concerns should drive the popularity of bio-based, or soy-based, spray foam materials to new heights. Climate changes should also play a role in increasing the demand for spray foam insulation. Some areas of the country will experience warmer than normal temperatures, increasing the demand for energy efficient ways of cooling homes, and well as commercial and industrial structures. Reducing energy costs will remain an important concern for everyone.

Most people have noticed that temperatures are fluctuating more than ever before--no matter where they live. These unpredictable weather changes make it all the more important to have a temperature-controlled spray foam rig to house machines, tools, and materials. Maintaining spray foam materials at the optimal temperature range, recommended by the manufacturer, will prove crucial in obtaining a higher yield of material as well as enabling contractors to sharpen their competitive bidding practices. Having well-maintained equipment will also allow contractors to meet contract deadlines, since they will not experience long lapses of down-time to trouble-shoot equipment issues. Construction contracts who seek out spray foam contractors are looking for reliable, fast, and efficient spray foam companies to partner with.


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