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Spring Clean those Winter Blues

Updated on April 9, 2010

Spring is almost here and there couldn’t be a better time to dust away those cobwebs. So if you are sick and tired of the long overcoats, woolly jumpers and the big boots cluttering your closet, then help is at hand. Forget about those winter blues this season and follow these quick and easy tips to prepare yourself for the months ahead.


1. Spring Cleaning Day

The sun is shining, the birds are singing and you would rather prefer to spend the day outdoors instead of being stuck at home. Pick a weekend to completely revamp your wardrobe and give it a thorough deep clean. Check for bad odours and dampness which may harm the quality of your clothes. Use a vacuum cleaner to Hoover up any dirt from those winter worn boots and use dusters such as Mr Sheen’s spring clean duster to clean those hard to reach areas-especially corners. For wooden shelves, use a furniture polish or a damp cloth to wipe these clean.


2. Spring in the air

The fresh spring air is not only good for the exterior of your home after the cold winter season, but also good for your health and soul. Open up the windows in the bedroom and living area to let in the cool breeze and sunshine to brighten up your home.


3. Spring Fresh

Everyone loves the smell and comfort of freshly washed clothes. Place an air freshener in the corner of the cupboard to prevent any bad odours and to maintain the freshness. Opt for Lavender or softer fragrances such as Jasmine, change every two weeks.


4. Donate to Charity

Many of us have bought clothes that looked great in the shop window, were good value for money, but after over indulging at Christmas, they are either out of fashion or tearing at the seams. Make separate piles for these clothes: one to throw away, one to keep and one to give away. This will help to keep your wardrobe to an exclusive minimum and not crammed with garments that will never be worn.


5. Winter Jackets and Coats

Before storing your winter coats, make sure you have them dry cleaned. The last thing you would want to see are holes or stain marks left from the harsh cold weather. Cover in a plastic wrapping and hang them in symmetrical order to help keep its natural quality and shape. For leather and denim jackets, use wooden hangers to avoid any tears or damage.


6. Suits, jumpers and trousers

Only keep about four or five suits in your closet and as with overcoats, dry clean and put them in storage. Run an iron over heavier fleece jumpers and trousers and store at the back with your winter coats to make more room for thinner garments. Don’t be afraid to chuck away shirts and jumpers that no longer suit your style.


7. Colour Coordinate

Get in touch with this season’s must haves and get rid of those greys, blacks and browns. Instead choose green, blue, yellow and red which are in this spring. Also opt for pastel colours like pink, peach and orange to compliment you this season.


8. Accessories

Wash all the woolly hats, gloves and scarves and fold away. Instead, opt for chiffon scarves, belts and shawls to wear with skirts and dresses to create a great look.


9. Group Items together

Group underwear and bras together and since these are worn on a daily basis through out any season, keep them in a neat pile at the front of your drawer or wardrobe which will be easily accessible. For small tops, t-shits and skirts use quality hangers and them up in length order to create more space that will allow air into the garments, preventing any bad smells.


10. Shoes and Boots

If your wardrobe is overflowing with footwear, line up all shoes and sandals neatly to create more room. Make sure you get out a decent polish and clean boots thoroughly to get rid of mud stains and other marks and stack them away in boxes.  Like most women, if you are having difficulty parting with your shoes, try this: take a Polaroid of each pair to help you decide which ones suit your revamped spring wardrobe and what you will be wearing the most.


So don’t leave your clothes hanging for another season- by following these quick and easy tips you will be ready to step into spring with style!


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