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Spring Cleaning: Handy Checklist

Updated on March 26, 2011

It's Spring!

It’s that time of year and the dreaded war on winter grime we have come to know as “spring cleaning” is upon us. For many of us the thought of spring cleaning is overwhelming. Our minds race with questions like “where do I begin?” or “How do I begin?”, and it’s never an easy task to enlist the family in this epic struggle. But, keeping in mind that every family and home is different, with a short list and a little know-how even the most dusty, musty houses can get a thorough helping of TLC.

The Plan of Action

Before any actual cleaning gets done a Plan of Action should be draw up. This should Not be the monster that haunts every husband’s waking nightmares. What this should be is a list that your commanding officer will use to keep the troops on track and the morale of the company strong. It should first off include a basic list of all the rooms in the house as bold faced terms. Under each room will be written a list of chores that Absolutely needs to be accomplished. This list should be general without being ridiculous. An example would be an item such as “Tidy the tool chest” not “cleans the garage”. These items should be your top priority items. This is important because many a spring cleaning has started with a bang and ended with the whole outfit going awol. At the very least you want to get a few very important things done.

The list should be one of the easiest steps of your spring cleaning! here are a few examples as the types of lists you might use get more detailed.  

General list example

More detailed example

One room detailed example

So on your list should be bold faced room names and smaller sub lists of items that must be cleaned. It helps to highlight the rooms that will take extra time and energy because they are large or very dirty.

Now it is important to note that spring cleaning is primarily an opportunity to get a few things done that you normally wouldn’t have the time or energy to do. So if you regularly vacuum under furniture and scrub down the kitchen cabinets then you’ll want to adjust your list to include some other activities. After all, if you do it every week then why would it need a special effort and fancy name?

Remember that good quality cleaning products will make your life easier. Get some wood cleaner, bleach scrub for the bathrooms, window cleaner, and a good all purpose liquid cleaner. Get a bunch of sponges and a hard bristle scrub brush. Make sure to have extra vacuum bags on hand and plenty of paper towels. 

Here are a few lists of recommended items to clean that can help give you an idea of items that many people overlook in their normal cleaning.

The Fresh Air List

1.       Rugs

It may sound cliché, but rugs really do need a good beating every once and a while. It would appall most home owners how much dirt and just plain old nasty gruck can be left inside of a rug even after it has been vacuumed.  All that dust and dirt will make you sick, so take it outside! A fence is a good place to hang a rug over to give it a good shake or beating. Then you might consider taking it to your local carwash and giving it a through wash.

2.       Tops of everything

Dust loves to hide in high, hard to reach places. The tops of cabinets, entertainment centers, and fans are a prime dust bunny breading ground. Give all of these places a good scrub if you want to reduce allergies. Don’t forget sneaky places like light fixtures and air vents! Any surface can collect dust so keep your eyes up and scope out your home.

3.       Inside of everything

Everybody knows it’s a pain to clean inside drawers and cabinets. However, these places should be cleaned Very thoroughly. Without your knowledge little critters like buggies and mice will work their way inside of anything so it is important to take everything out of the cupboard first to check for droppings while your wipe down the shelves. After cleaning the shelves you might want to fumigate for bugs (don’t leave the food anywhere near while you do so!) after which you’ll want to throughout any old food before neatly returning the items to their place.

The Very Important List

1. The medicine cabinet

One place that people always forget to clean is the medicine cabinet. Medicine has a way of piling up in most households, but expired or unneeded medicine can be very dangerous for the health. Take the time to go through and dispose of expired meds and old prescriptions before they cause any harm. This also gives you the opportunity to stock up on any seasonal medication you might need, such as sunscreen and anti-itch creams.

2. The wardrobe

While not life threatening the average person’s wardrobe is still a cause of daily stress and danger. The first thing you need to do is remove Everything from the closest. This allows you to see what is really being stored in there. Get rid of all outdated, small or large clothes. If you haven't worn it in over a year it should go. Put all seasonal items in storage for later and get all shoes, purses, ties, etc. on racks or space organizers. Getting your closet under control brings a sense of organization into your daily life.

The Clean-it-Cuz-it-Never-Gets-Cleaned List

1. The computer

People are often surprised by how much dust a computer can collect inside of it. And all of those mysterious cords that a computer needs can become  nightmare for organizers. Lucky for both problems there are specific solutions that will fix both of these problems. Get yourself a can of compressed air to blow out all of that dust between the keyboard and in the computer vents. There are many options for organizing cords but one of the cheapest cord organizers are twist ties like you find holding bags of bread closed.

2. Under everything

Year after year small dark spaces collect dust, hair, and dirt. Spring brings the good weather that allows you to move furniture outside if needs be while you clean. Getting rid of all that built up grime discourages bugs, allergies, and dirty sock bottoms. so move that fridge, couch, bookcase, or table and clean it up!


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    • ambersagen profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Provo, Utah

      bathroom ceilings can really be a problem because of the damp. Lots of mold and junk can grow up there. I have lots of pets being the oldest 'child' I tend to do a lot of cleaning around my house. Plus my apartments for this last term had monthly cleaning inspections, which can be a real pain in the butt during finals week if you don't have a plan of action!

    • visionandfocus profile image


      7 years ago from North York, Canada

      OMG! You are so organized. If money were no object, I will fly you to my home and pay you to do my spring cleaning for me. Seriously, scrubbing ceilings?! I didn't even realised ceilings had to be scrubbed! Are you sure about this?


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