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Spring Cleaning Kitchen Countertops

Updated on March 27, 2017
Clutter on kitchen countertops, things we no longer use
Clutter on kitchen countertops, things we no longer use | Source

Spring Is In The Air

Kitchen countertops feel neglected when all that energy called spring cleaning kicks in. Curtains are brought down from their haughty heights and washed or taken to the cleaners.

Area rugs are mercilessly beaten against the wall or taken to professional cleaners. Basements undergo an Oprah make-over and the garden is weeded, grass mowed and new seedlings pressed on the willing and waiting soil.

Kitchen countertops miss all the fun because year in and out, appliances that the family has not used in five years refuse to budge, or should we say we don't relocate them to the pantry or basement.

The irony of kitchen countertop clutter is that it is supposed to be appliances and other things that are used frequently. Not anymore. Countertops seem to be graveyards of obsolete technology but we just don’t remove it.

A kitchen audit might be a good idea to determine why the fondue set is still squatting on the kitchen counter, despite the fact, that your family prefers food they can grab with their hands, and not needles.

You bought this breakfast set because you enjoyed the full breakfast.  Your lifestyle has changed, so why is it still doing on the kitchen countertop?
You bought this breakfast set because you enjoyed the full breakfast. Your lifestyle has changed, so why is it still doing on the kitchen countertop? | Source

Kitchen Appliances Audit

A kitchen audit will also question other appliances on your kitchen top that have been dormant for two years.

Coffee Makers: You bought the 12-cup coffee maker because of a growing family, but nature took its course. Kids grew up and flew the nest. Maybe they are still around but prefer to hang out with their friends at the coffee shop around the corner.

The family coffee maker is also redundant because you are now into green or camomile tea. It just never occurred to you to remove it from the kitchen countertop.

Kettles: Your kettle is feeling lonely because you boil your water in the microwave now. So, relieve it of its misery and remove it from the kitchen countertop and store it in the pantry or inside kitchen cabinets (if you have room there.)

Waffle Maker: All those cooking television shows have a heavy toll on your credit card because that is where some of the appliances on your kitchen countertop were advertised. You wanted to go Belgian or Swedish and make our own waffles. There was great excitement when the courier delivered the waffle maker.

Not anymore. Your family has gone back to the tried and tested toast. Besides, your supermarket sells frozen waffles in packs of six or twelve. Store the rejected waffle maker somewhere and not on the kitchen countertop.

Sweden has a Waffle Day which is the 25th of March.
Sweden has a Waffle Day which is the 25th of March. | Source

Appliances and Family History

You also have a rack of blue or red knives and forks hanging on a steel stand you seldom use, because you are conditioned to open a drawer if you want to take out a spoon or knife.

Choose. Do you want to use the cutlery rack or your old school knives and forks lounging in the drawer? Remove the cutlery rack from the kitchen countertop if you don't use it.

The bread tin used to be a permanent kitchen accessory. Not anymore because most families keep bread in the fridge now. Some buy a few loaves and store them in the freezer therefore, the bread tin is taking up precious space.

Slow cookers might be great cooking assistants for busy parents, but they don’t have to sit on the kitchen countertop because they tend to be quite obese and we also don’t use them everyday.

Let kitchen countertops breathe this spring and family chefs are the best people to do the kitchen audit. Which appliances deserve a place on top because they are used on a daily basis and which are seldom used?

Appliances on kitchen countertops are historians in a way. In fact you can write an interesting blog about why you bought them. Maybe they were gifts.

It might be kitchen clutter to outsiders but it is a snapshot of different milestones, family milestones, to you.

1. Your daughter’s wedding made you buy the industrial mixer so that you could make snacks for the extended family.

2. The big blender was for freshly-made orange juice, because of the good orange harvest you had one year, on your farm.

Every appliance has a family history but they should be removed from kitchen countertops to make room for new gadgets, or none at all.


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