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Spring Cleaning! What To Get Rid Of Now!

Updated on March 31, 2016

The List

Spring is here! And after a long winter of hibernation you owe it to yourself to clean up your life a little bit! Here are our top ten Spring Cleaning tactics!

1. Unworn Clothes

Despite what you may tell yourself, we both know that you have more clothes than what you know what to do with! Fear not! Even if you are hard to decide what to get rid of when it comes to clothes I have the perfect recommendation for you! Starting now take all of your clothes hanging up in your closet and flip the hangers facing the other way, any clothes that are not back to facing the original direction by the end of the month donate to charity! This is a great way to be truly honest with yourself about what you wear vs. what you wish you could wear.

2. Unnecessary Paperwork

Chances are you have more documents than you need, while I would not suggest getting rid of important documents such as tax-related items etc, you should take it upon yourself to get rid of any documentation/paperwork that is no longer relevant or necessary to keep. If you want to really out-do yourself on Spring Cleaning try scanning in and uploading all of your important documents on your computer (or if you are just super sketched about throwing out documents in the first place.)

3. Office Supplies

Dried up white out? Trash. Stapler you use once a year? Donate. Chances are you don't need 2,000 pens nor do you need really any office supplies that you haven't explicitly used within the past month or two.

4. Old Electronics

I have more Apple chargers than I know what to do with, honestly, it is basically becoming a museum of old wires at this point. Whether it's that old T.V. in storage, or that old cell phone, it is time to part ways! Give it a new life to someone in need of older electronics! Or try selling them on Craigslist or Ebay to make some extra cash.

5. Unmatched Items

I see you.....with those mis-matched socks and those mis-matched plastic wear sets. Accept your fate: you will never find that lid or that missing left butterfly sock. Say your closure and send your items off to misfit land.

6. Expired Kitchen Items

So there was an amazing sale on canned corn two years ago and you took it upon yourself to purchase as many as you could, after you purchased you realized that your husband hates corn. Whaaa? Whatever your reason, we all know you probably have food that could probably find itself a new home in the trash can.

7. Old Makeup And Nail Polish

Blue eye shadow is cool. Lying to yourself and saying that you will wear it someday isn't, especially if it has been in your makeup hutch for more than a few months. If you find yourself with any cream products that are older than a year or any mascara/eye products that are older than 3-6 months: throw it out. Not only has it lost most of it's ability to function at peak quality but old makeup can hold onto all sorts of yucky bacteria.

8. Some Of Your Kid's Stuff

Just like you try to convince them that they don't need 3,000 toys you should also realize that you probably don't need 3,000 of their drawings. It's okay to let go of some of those super special crafts fall to the way-side, doesn't make you a bad parent, just an organized one. But if you don't have the heart to completely get rid of what little Tommy made during arts and crafts try taking a picture of the completed craft or use a scanner to scan in the precious art work into your computer before throwing away the original.

9. Books

If it has been on your shelf for more than a year and you haven't read it or let's say that you HAVE, either way it is time to donate those books to your local school or charity. Despite what you tell yourself you probably won't get around to reading it again, or even for the first time if you haven't done so after a years time.

10. That secret closet, drawer, garage.

We all of that one area where we cram things that we tell ourselves that we will deal with later, guess what, it is later! Clean out that messy closet, drawer, or garage! (Or maybe for you it's under the bed). Be honest with yourself and leave that mess behind!

Tackle, Tackle, Tackle!

Which Spring Cleaning Item Are You Tackling First?

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