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Spring Cleaning: the search for socks

Updated on May 5, 2013

Socks for all occasions

You know you are behind the times when your Easter and Christmas socks are still waiting on their matches to be put away for next year.
You know you are behind the times when your Easter and Christmas socks are still waiting on their matches to be put away for next year.
The incredible growing turtle experiment.
The incredible growing turtle experiment.
Turtle grows about a half inch over two hours.
Turtle grows about a half inch over two hours.
matches to the left, missing mates to the right
matches to the left, missing mates to the right

Cleaning yields all sorts of surprises and some unique finds

Okay, I admit it, I am not the best house keeper in the world.

I can clean other people's houses, keep the office neat and am almost obsessive compulsive about picking up trash and recycling, but when it comes to my own abode, I am a slob.

I shift things from one pile to another rather than clean them.

Every few months I make a pile for Goodwill. It mostly contains books I have been unable to resell on eBay and Amazon, clothes that never really fit to begin with but were bought cheap on sale with the hopes my body will one day conform to them, various plastic containers and an assortment of gifts I have gotten that I have never used, like the iguana bottle opener.

While spring has sprung and we are heading ever closer to summer, my desire to clean has quickly been overrun by my desire to do more pleasant things, but today it is raining and I have no socks to wear.

There are nearly twenty single socks sitting in a basket by the bedside and another 10 or more pairs are missing, so the hunt is on to locate the elusive beasts with their stretched elastic bands and pilled up faded surfaces.

While they may be worn and faded, they still have plenty of use to them.

After a half hour, I have picked up over three dozen books, found a past-due electric bill I swore was never mailed to me, and discovered a pair of water shoes in hot pink and black that a friend had included in a bag of things for me to sell on eBay that were just my size!

Considering the amount of rain we had received in the past 24 hours, the water shoes came in handy. I took a break to go feed the animals and came back in ready to take on the task.

To me, cleaning is always an adventure. I am forever finding things I forgot I had and it is almost like going to a garage sale in your own home.

I found two movies, some crochet cord from a project I never started and a magic growing turtle that I had bought at the dollar store for the Operation Christmas Child box packing last Christmas, but had to leave out because the box was too stuffed to close.

I was feeling a little down, so decided to unwrap the turtle and put him in a sink full of hot water and see what happened, then went back to cleaning and hunting for lost socks.

After only finding about six lost socks, which ironically did not match up with the other socks awaiting their mates, I took a snack break and stared at the pile of dishes in the sink, vowing to tackle them next, after I cleaned the dust off a five pound giant candle i had discovered and lighted it up.

The apple pie smell of the candle had long dissipated, but I discovered by accident that a match dropped down in the candle wax would act like a wick and continue to burn for over a half hour and not go out! That reminded me to check on the turtle again. It was a day of scientific discoveries.

The turtle had barely grown a sixteenth of an inch in about a half hour. Disappointed, I returned to the sock search and found a red bag full of over three dozen individual socks! They looked more like rags than socks. The pink pair with the blue bunnies on them were purchased on a backpacking trip to Europe, back when I could somewhat afford to travel. I had gone to Harrods and it was one of the few things I could afford to buy there.

I open the bag of socks and discover that only four of the nearly thirty have a match. There are so many blue and black pairs that it is hard to find which belongs to which though.

I wish I was one of those cathartic people who could throw out bags of valuable useful items in the garbage, but instead I see myself as running a rescue operation for unwanted goods.

I keep thinking maybe I can use the socks to make sock puppets or to strain stuff, or maybe to stuff a pillow made from scrap material I might one day pick up cheap at a sale.

Maybe I could even stuff a sock with the old soap scraps I had mixed with olive oil and mint leaves and melted down and poured in candy molds that turned out looking like slimy vomit and dried hard as bricks.

I think about taking the socks unmatched in mass to the Goodwill and hoping someone will want them, but who would want a massive pile of threadbare, faded and stained socks? Apparently that would be me...

For now, I am going to check on the turtle again. I have matched enough socks to make it through a week of wear and I can always wear the water shoes if it comes down to it, but the house still needs cleaning and who knows what other surprises lie waiting to be discovered.

Maybe there will be money or a new shirt that was bought on sale last spring and put away until summer. The possibilities are endless...


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    • Angie497 profile image

      Angie497 4 years ago

      Love it - it sounds like spring cleaning at my house!