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Spring Is In The Air Or Is It?

Updated on March 21, 2013

Carera Bundle

Comes complete with remote control and light
Comes complete with remote control and light

Spring Is In The Air or Is It ?

Spring is now officially here apparently. With the weather we are having it doesn't seem like it. I live in the south and we have very cold weather with rain but further north they are still getting snow. It doesn't bode well for our long weekend next week. When are we going to have a nice Easter? The only thing we can do is prepare for it and pray as usual. It seems we can never make plans like other countries. Places like Canada they know summer is summer and winter is winter but ours seems to get confused as to when it should be what.

Spring is the time the country looks brighter. Flowers start to bud, the sun should be out and spring cleaning becomes something we actually enjoy. DIY becomes the thing to do because all the jobs that needed doing never get done when it is dark and cold do they? Not in my house anyway but once we know the warmer weather is coming we all start to look at our homes and think about all the jobs that we need to address. Me I see how drab my net curtains have become and once they have come down and been washed the house starts to look a bit brighter.

I am not the most house proud person because I hate cleaning but once the sun comes out even I can see my home needs a more in depth cleaning. So the nets, shampooing the carpets, pull out and cleaning behind the cooker all became the order of the day for me. Do you find that it is the same for you? I am helped by my one of my granddaughters who loves cleaning so we get on with it and it is nice to get to spend some time with her. I do have to say she is only thirteen but as I said she loves cleaning so who am I to stop her?

The one thing that I own that doesn't need maintenance is my Hunter ceiling fans. That just needs a quick dust of the motor and a damp cloth on the blades. It is the easiest electrical product in my house and has served me well. Once that is done they actually brighten the look of any room and because they are energy saving I have had them working winter and summer. I have them in reverse in the winter so they create a gentle breeze that brings down the hot air trapped at the ceiling which to me means I can turn the thermostat down and save up to 24% of my energy costs.

So now we are officially in Spring I am excited at the prospect of turning the fan back to summer mode and to enjoy sitting in my freshly washed and cleaned home under my ceiling fan that also has a light and keeping cool. I don't even have to get up to turn it on or off because I have a remote control. I hope everyone looks to own a Hunter Fan because they are the most silent and reliable fans on the market and the quality is second to none. That is why you get a 50 year warranty with them.


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