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Garden Living: Highlighting White Crepe Myrtles

Updated on May 6, 2016
White Crepes Bloom Snowflakes!
White Crepes Bloom Snowflakes! | Source

Crepe Myrtle Canopies and White Flower Power

White flower beauty is in season year round and white crepe myrtles are one of the best flowering plants you can own for summer joy.

Here in the sunny South their cooling effect on the mind and body is a seasonal blessing that we look forward to each summer by taking care of our crepes.

As far as I can tell, white flowers have the power to influence the garden for good and white crepes are living proof of that fact.

The aura of hope that their blooming petals present often reminds me of the line, “Behind every green leaf tip is the power of God” from Amy Carmichael's poetic pen.

One of the reasons I garden is because there are white flowers. It is “always” time to have white flowers blooming and I will always bow to their rule in my gardens!

Crepe Myrtles in Bloom:

White Flowers Rule and White Crepe Myrtles are Glorious

On a windy day when the white crepes are in bloom we have an amazing summer snowfall. Benches under a canopy created by three mature trees provide us with a cool place to enjoy an evening of dancing petals showering down over everything.

Just like one of our average southern snowfalls there are no real drifts, but a sweet, light dusting of white blooms. It's a wonderfully relaxing experience!

A glass (real glass--not plastic!) of real lemonade with fresh-frozen blueberries is the perfect ending to any summer day. Cool and refreshing for a southern evening, it's a delightful wind down to enjoy while sitting under our crepes frosted with white blooms.

There's nothing like enjoying that drink as we hail neighbors walking their dogs and watch our cat curled under the table flick her ears toward the slightest sounds. Listening to birds settling in for the evening and enjoying these trees' gifts can't be adequately described.

Welcome to my Garden!

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White Crepe Myrtle Blooming SnowflakesSummer SnowfallSnow Petals FallingWhite PetuniasWhite Oak Leaf HydrangeaWhite Oriental LiliesWhite LiliesGardeniaWhite ClematisSt. John's WortTiny red roses in the rain... :)Double Ruffle Tiger LiliesBalloon FlowersCandy Stripe LiliesPink Hydrangea, Red DahliasBlue HydrangeaGerbera DaisiesPink PrimroseYellow Primrose (Mostly)White AzaleaCreeping PlhoxOops...our last real snowfall...more than a dusting!WisteriaSnowball BushIf anyone knows what this plant is, please, please leave a comment with the name!  :)  It has cone shape clusters of white flowers, is invasive, but I love them!ForsythiaCarolina Jasmine
White Crepe Myrtle Blooming Snowflakes
White Crepe Myrtle Blooming Snowflakes | Source
Summer Snowfall
Summer Snowfall | Source
Snow Petals Falling
Snow Petals Falling | Source
White Petunias
White Petunias | Source
White Oak Leaf Hydrangea
White Oak Leaf Hydrangea | Source
White Oriental Lilies
White Oriental Lilies | Source
White Lilies
White Lilies | Source
Gardenia | Source
White Clematis
White Clematis | Source
St. John's Wort
St. John's Wort | Source
Tiny red roses in the rain... :)
Tiny red roses in the rain... :) | Source
Double Ruffle Tiger Lilies
Double Ruffle Tiger Lilies | Source
Balloon Flowers
Balloon Flowers | Source
Candy Stripe Lilies
Candy Stripe Lilies | Source
Pink Hydrangea, Red Dahlias
Pink Hydrangea, Red Dahlias | Source
Blue Hydrangea
Blue Hydrangea | Source
Gerbera Daisies
Gerbera Daisies | Source
Pink Primrose
Pink Primrose | Source
Yellow Primrose (Mostly)
Yellow Primrose (Mostly) | Source
White Azalea
White Azalea | Source
Creeping Plhox
Creeping Plhox | Source
Oops...our last real snowfall...more than a dusting!
Oops...our last real snowfall...more than a dusting! | Source
Wisteria | Source
Snowball Bush
Snowball Bush | Source
If anyone knows what this plant is, please, please leave a comment with the name!  :)  It has cone shape clusters of white flowers, is invasive, but I love them!
If anyone knows what this plant is, please, please leave a comment with the name! :) It has cone shape clusters of white flowers, is invasive, but I love them! | Source
Forsythia | Source
Carolina Jasmine
Carolina Jasmine | Source

Make a Crepe Myrtle Canopy for Your Garden

If you want to have a crepe myrtle canopy, do not commit “crepe myrtle murder.” Not only is the natural beauty of the tree spoiled when the tops of crepes are chopped off each fall, but their life expectancy is diminished. No matter what any one says, resist! Do not do it!

Our crepes' shadowy canopy is a fabulous refuge from the heat and the blooms put on a sumptuous show that exceeds each year’s expectations. Besides all that, there's no easier way to grow shade flowers throughout a southern summer than under a crepe myrtle canopy.

Crepe myrtles grow quickly (if not murdered) and come in a variety of colors, but the cooling white variety is a sure winner no matter what color you decide to paint your house or what other colors you plant in your garden.

Although I highlight white flowers in my gardens, colorful ones do make their way into my landscape. Hope you enjoy the photo montage of some of my flowering plants.

Have you ever seen white crepe myrtles snow down their blooms in the summer?

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White Flowers to Love:

White Queen of the Night Blooming:

What's Your Favorite Flower?

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    • Sally's Trove profile image

      Sherri 7 years ago from Southeastern Pennsylvania

      I love the snow petals. It's such a treat here in the spring to see a similar shower of pink ornamental plum and cherry blossoms fall onto green grass. I think of this fall as trees putting on their pink skirts...especially when there is no wind for a few days and the delicate petals fall straight down, describing the circumference of the canopy.

      I also am intrigued by your mystery white flower with pointed leaves. Could it be a cultivar of lizard-tail (Saururus cerruus)? The flowers look spot-on, but from your photo I can't tell if the arrow-shaped leaves have a dip in them where they meet the stem, like the top of a heart shape. If they do, then lizard-tail is a good possibility.

      Will be checking back to see is someone has a definitive answer for you.

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 7 years ago from the short journey

      Pink skirts...lovely! :)

      At first I thought, "Aha, lizard's tail," when I googled a photo, but not so. These leaves are not heart shaped and the flowers are more cone shaped, like an itsy-bitsy oak leaf hydrangea bloom.

      Maybe we'll get an answer yet. Thanks very much for stopping in and commenting.

    • Sally's Trove profile image

      Sherri 7 years ago from Southeastern Pennsylvania

      Have you thought of sending your photo and a specimen to your local agricultural extension service?

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 7 years ago from the short journey

      Thanks, that's a good reminder. Will try to post when I get the answer. These guys are everywhere...but they are delightful. Wish I could share a few dozen with you. Am going to have to pull some tonight!

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 7 years ago from Houston, Texas

      You certainly have a beautiful array of landscape plants and flowers. It is obvious that you love gardening as I do. Just wish we had more space in which to plant things! I liked it when we had a 1/2 acre once upon a time many years ago in Wisconsin. I could play around with gardening and landscaping to my heart's content. Had just gotten many beautiful perennials going when we were transferred back to Houston. City lots...not so much space...but I do my best! :-)

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