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Spring's Five Quick De-cluttering, Organizing Tips

Updated on March 28, 2011

Spring has sprung! March 20th, 2011, is the official date this year, which happens to fall on a Sunday, what a great day to start off a new season where everything comes alive. Although spring brings with it a lot of tasks that i may not appreciate all of the time, there are tons of reasons that i love seeing the days of spring.

With spring is the renewal of the chores from mowing to gardening but if you haven't been staying organized, spring is the time to begin again. The time to get rid of all those things that have been piling up or that you have been putting to the side until spring came along.

Now is the time to get to work. I like doing things in small chunks. Chunks that are manageable, so that i don't feel any real pressure or bad feelings in association with the chore. But like they say anything worth doing is typically hard work or will cost you something.

I feel that way about things when i am just learning how to do the deed, but after you are organized it reduces the work by more than 80%, but you have to chose a life of maintenance. Once the worse part of the deed is accomplished, there is nothing you can't do, so go ahead free up your life, your time and reduce your stress!

Get organized this spring and see what you can do with all that extra time in your life!

Decorative boxes.
Decorative boxes. | Source
Decorative Trunk.
Decorative Trunk. | Source

1. Free up space

The best things i have found to do this are photo albums or picture boxes, baskets and boxes. Any decorative box, whether you buy it or make it, helps with reducing and organizing chaos that have lovely memories and can also be categorized as like stuff.

Over the door hanger/hooks and shower caddies are priceless treasures in bathrooms and bedrooms, especially when you don't want to damage walls by hanging up towel racks or need to tote stuff around.

Ottomans with storage, trunks, low bookcases or Cubby boxes are great places to store things like shoes or boots, your decorative boxes and books, so that you can free up your floor space. You'll still know where things are especially if you don't allow shoes any further than the front hall or back door.

2. Organize closets

Sorting things is one of the key ways to beat confusion, and knowing where something is at all times unless you have misplaced it because you did not put it in it's assigned location, makes this task worth the work. A place for everything is another key component of being organized. This more than any other trick keeps you from having to search high and low for anything.

Color gives you one of the best references in locating something you need to get your hand on, especially if you are short on time.

Item sorting means that all like things example shirts, pants, blouses, short dresses, long dresses, work clothes or the bomb outfits, and shoes are arranged with each other, so that they are at hand. Knowing where to find something in your closet makes putting any outfit together a breeze.

Length, when arranging things having like lengths organized together is another way to free up floor space that you can use, and take advantage of by putting a basket or luggage underneath. This also makes hanging clothing look neater.

Fold or not to fold, this is if you are trying to keep things like sweaters or any other like items in the closet. Most things can be placed in a basket or box, which can be put on a high shelf, but if you have winter things that need to be stored and have no more space for baskets, then just fold and stack on to the shelf.

Seasonal sorting is another great way to get organized every season. Which helps to have all the correct seasonal clothes and colors at you finger tips. But this always depends on what you want to wear that season and what accessories are necessary to make that killer outfit even more fit for murder when you wear it out.

3. Clean out and sort cupboards

Get rid of things that don't have lids, or partners, that you don't use, that just create clutter and are just taking up space. You know those items you bypass cause you're just not in the mood to deal with right now.

Sort by categories ( item, color and length), for instance if you have a lot of plastic items, make sure that all of these items have their own space. This will cut down on locating an item when you are in the kitchen or any cupboard any where in your house.

Plastics, if you use these containers to still carry lunch or keep leftovers in the fridge go ahead and give them their own space, organize according to size and shape if possible.

Baking pans these can have there own space if need be or added with the cookware.

Cookware pots, pans, and whatever else you use to cook with, have a place that they call home.

Everyday dishes, plates, glasses, bowls, serving dishes, and whatever else that you use on a daily basis when eating and preparing to eat your meals.

Special dishes, like china and crystal that are special for more reasons than just being the nicer dishes, organize them in their own cupboards or area of the cupboards so that it is known that they are off limits unless otherwise stated. I believe you should use them whenever you can though.

4. Pantries

We all need them or have them but how many of us organize or maintain them so that we know what we have to eat. Every shelf should be designated to an item, cereal, bread or boxed items which are easy to spot and put away.

5. Linen closets

Linen closets are always a work in progress but they are like your pantry, so every shelf has a designated occupant, it makes reaching for the towels easier.

Suggestions for storing matching sheet sets together in the linen closet is as follows, fold everything up neatly and put them in the matching pillowcase. Every piece is together and accessible.

Another hint for a great linen closet is to put the things that are mostly used like towels, on a middle shelf. At a height that is accessible for everybody living in your house, unless you don't want the little ones to get their hands on something.


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