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14 Springtime Maintenance Tips That Must Be Done

Updated on March 31, 2016

It’s that time of year when people can open their house doors and not be fearful of the dreadful weather that may be lurking outside their homes.. Its play time for kids, pick nicks in the park, barbeques in the garden, rainbows in the rain and unicorns in the sky.

Rite, OK then! For about 99.9% of the grown up world the unicorn thing is taking it too far but its fare too say most people have a spring in their step (no pun intended) and are looking forward to the next 6 months of “better” weather.

Before everyone goes rainbow and unicorn hunting, we would like you to spare some time to get your house and garden in order so your property is a safe haven for your family. As homes take a weather beating for an extended period of time during the winter, spring is the perfect time to perform a standard maintenance check in and around the house and out in the garden.

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1. Buzzing electrical sockets

Probably a loose wire! Could be a fire hazard so for obvious reasons this is an important one to get fixed.

Find out what may be causing the buzzing here

2. Flickering or popping lights

Again, this could be the result of a loose wire and should be sorted ASAP.

Changing a bulb for dummies

3. Leaking radiators

A common issue when radiators are constantly on throughout the winter. It’s also a common issue that’s not rectified during winter as families don’t want to shut down heating systems for any length of time. Now is the perfect time to plug any leaks.

How to fix a leaking radiator

4. Bleed your radiators

Most households forget to bleed their radiators until its wintertime and then it’s too late as they don’t want to turn off their boiler systems. Now is a good time to do so but we also recommend bleeding again as autumn approaches.

How to bleed a radiator

5. Replace problematic radiators

Having to bleed a specific radiator over and over again? Is the radiator failing to heat the room? If so bite the bullet and replace with a new radiator now. Hanging off till winter will only cost you more. This will save money in the long run and keep your family warm.

For UK radiators buy here

For Radiators in the US buy here

6. Check boiler pressure gauges

Great time of year to check if pressure gauges need replaced. You will likely find better deals due to the decline in demand.

How to check boiler pressure gauges

7. Maintain the boiler

If you think it’s needing replaced or serviced by a certified engineer now is the time. Don’t wait until the next winter when engineer rates may be higher and call out times will be longer.

UK boilers and parts can be bought here

US boilers and parts can be bought here

8. When on holiday, leave the heating on low for short periods

Although most heating systems will OK being switched off when away during spring and summer, it’s still recommended to tick your heating system over for short periods of time when away. Similar to cars, they can be temperamental to get started again when they have been sitting idle for a while.

9. Root out rot

See a bit of rot, rot it out! If left untreated it will only get worse ultimately costing more to fix.

How to fix rotten wood

10. Stamp out damp

Sort out damp problems inside and outside the house. It goes without saying damp can cause health problems when it seeps into the home. By catching it on the outside and treating it early will prevent it from seeping inside.

Find out how to treat damp on exterior walls here

11. Check the roof

Every winter a few tiles get blown off the roof when stormy winds hit. Get them replaced and tighten any loose ones.

Video of how to replace a roof tile

12. Trim or chop hazardous trees

Falling trees cause billions of pounds worth of damage to homes every year. They can also be very dangerous to pedestrians and drivers so don’t let dangerous overhanging trees go unattended – get them chopped down.

Find a tree surgeon in the UK

13. Check/clean gutters

Gutters should be checked and cleaned at least 2 times per year. Springtime is the most important as all those rotted autumn leaves and broken trigs can block drainage and cause damage. If you are not good with heights higher a local odds job man for the task.

Tips on how to clean your gutters

14. Maintaining or replacing windows

Should you be thinking of fixing or replacing drafty or old windows do it now. Don’t wait until it’s cold wet and windy.

Find a window fitter in the UK

Find a window fitter in the USA

I sincerely hope this hub reminds families that this is the best time of year to get the maintenance man (otherwise known as the husband) busy with fixing and securing the home and garden for another year.

Now it’s time to go hunt rainbows and unicorns!

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