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Stackable Chairs

Updated on July 20, 2009

Stackable chairs are lightweight, offer ease in transporting, and are great in all situations. A quality set of stackable seating is able to withstand constant use for a variety of uses, such as at a church, school, college or concert venue. These chairs can be quickly arranged in a variety of layouts to suit a particular function.

The most notable feature with stacking chairs is that when not in actual use it’s possible to pack them up and place in storage. Dependent on the style of chair it’s often an option to stack in either a horizontal or vertical direction. Stack chairs are available in a multitude of styles, colors, and materials - with aluminum, plastic and wooden all being popular choices. For added comfort, these seats can be fitted with thick cushioning.

One of the most compact options is the stackable folding chairs, often in a lightweight material, stackable to 50 high and ideal at large gatherings, such as concerts and weddings. All seats are designed to collapse down into a thin body for ease in storability. Kid-sized toddler chairs are another popular option, all made of a durable and strong plywood.

Stack chairs can cost in the region of $10 for a basic Kindergarten plastic chair to $60 for an ergonomic multi purpose high impact plastic seat with steel frame to $169 for two high quality eucalyptus sling stackable arm chairs, with a woven synthetic sling material in a all-weather material.

Having a set of budget plastic or resin chairs at home is also a cheap way to have a spare set of seats that might be used for a variety of functions, such as those with extra guests at home. Lightweight chairs can soon be packed-up and stored in a garage or other such place.

If in need of garden accessories or furnishings to outfit a yard than a set of stackable arm chairs is a popular option in a variety of design and styles to blend in with most decor arrangements. All-weather furniture for outside is built to be water, fade, and corrosion resistant to cope with year-round conditions. A cost-effective option is to add a set of plastic stackable chairs to a patio or backyard area.

Stackable chairs are a space-saving seating option as it’s possible for these seats to be pilled up one on top of another into a small storage space, and a popular seating arrangement in either a rental or home use situations.


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