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Stacked Washer Dryers

Updated on May 4, 2011

Stacked Washer Dryers

Some people get a little confused when it comes to washer dryers as there are so many excellent combination models on the market today. With combination the washer and dryer are together as a single unit but in a stacked washer dryer they are two individual units. As the name suggests they can, in some instances be stacked one on top of the other.

It may seem a false economy to buy two separate units when a combination will do the same job. This is not necessarily the case as with careful selection you could get two machines for the price of a single combination machine or even cheaper. The combination machines tend to be a lot bigger and bulkier than stacked washer driers and so if space is at a premium, in say a small flat, then these would be the first choice.

When purchasing a washer and dryer separately one is in the happy position to weigh up each for its abilities to do one job effectively rather than two.  Whilst you are assessing the two machines and their performance you can then look at price comparisons. The internet is always a good place to start looking for reviews and assessments. It is vitally important that you examine the reports from three or four different websites so that you are able to make a more balanced judgement.

Wahing Day


Be aware that as you do your internet search that you may find that the reports on three sites may be identical or are only slightly different. This is because they have been written by the same person. This is fair enough but it does not give you the opportunity to judge without bias. You are looking for the best stacked washer dryers so look further afield till you feel in a position to make a fairer and more informed comparison.

Drying Day


Choosing stacked washer dryers gives you the ability to choose what is best for you, your needs and your house or flat. You can purchase from the same company or different countries. You are looking for something which is not going to break the bank and will effectively clean, will dry efficiently and has a good reputation. A guarantee and warranty for both parts of your stacked washer dryer are important too.  


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