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EM Ceramics Continuous Water Butt Treatment Stops Water Butt Smelling

Updated on May 16, 2016

Water Butt Treatment

Water Butt Treatment
Water Butt Treatment | Source

EM Ceramics, A Water Butt Treatment to Stop Rainwater Turning Stagnant.

Water Butt Treatments

These usually come in liquid form and required to be repeatedly added to the water in the water butt every two weeks. However, the dilution of the active ingredients will go up and down with the amount of rainwater and one would naturally forget to add the product, thereby losing its effectiveness

EM Ceramics is a natural, non-toxic Water Butt Treatment that has a continuous effect, preventing the water from turning stagnant. A bag of the specially produced ceramic pieces are simply placed at the bottom of the water butt.

I am sure many of you keen gardeners have numerous water butts, or maybe just one to collect rainwater for use on the garden during dry periods. Whilst it is a better form of water for plants than tap water, due to the fact it doesn’t contains chlorine and other chemicals, it has a habit of turning stagnant and horrible smelling when stored for a long time, especially during hot weather.

What Causes Water Butts To Turn Stagnant?

The stagnant smell is caused by anaerobic bacteria which give off hydrogen sulphide or methane, the characteristic bad smell, as they feed on decaying leaves and other organic matter washed down the drain pipe. This stagnant water is not then really ideal for use on the garden, because it can be a breeding ground for water borne diseases, such as phytophthora, which is a real problem these days, especially for conifers.

Water Butt Treatment

Water Butt Treatment with EM Ceramics
Water Butt Treatment with EM Ceramics | Source

Water Butt Treatment

Keeping Water Butt Water Fresh

It is important too, to keep any stored water covered-up, which can turn green with algae in sunlight and also becomes an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes and water borne diseases that could be serious to human health.

Practicing good hygiene will help to prevent water from turning stagnant, use the water quickly, remove any organic matter and keep out of direct sunlight. Additionally, one can add some EM Ceramic Pipes to the water tank.

As I said above, EM Ceramics are a very effective non-chemical alternative to preventing water turning stagnant. They have been especially made from clay fermented with beneficial bacteria and fired at a high temperature, and amazingly, the ceramics pipes are able to prevent the water from going stagnant. If you can find a local supplier of these, check them out, alternatively follow the link below.

by Alistair Olver

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    • Alistair Olver profile image

      Alistair Olver 4 years ago from Wiltshire, UK.

      Thanks Casimiro for your kind words and I hope you find some EM Ceramics.

    • profile image

      Casimiro 4 years ago

      Alistair, nice hub! I'm adding those EM ceramics to my wife's shopping list next time she travels to the States. We collect a lot of rainwater here most of the year. We don't often have stagnant water, though, during the rainy season as it is constantly refreshed.