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Stain Busting: Tricking stains away.

Updated on November 5, 2012

Get stains out without feeling lost.

Here is what you do their is a solution.
Here is what you do their is a solution.

Stain removal made simple

By: Anastasia Vaughan

How many times have you been at a party and spilled that glass of red wine on your brand new sweater? So it’s a typical Saturday afternoon and your having that wonderful big juicy hotdog that came fresh off the grill. Your only unexpected problem is that your wearing a crisp new white shirt. Unable to control yourself you take a big bite into the juicy specimen only to have a mustard colored stain on the left blended with a ketchup red stain on the right. There are a few easy solutions that professional stain busters use to get the job done that you will discover by the end of this article.

Create you at home basic stain busting kit which consists of the following:

A scrapper or spatula

Clean white cloth

Plastic spray bottle

Nylon scrub pad (suggested Scotch Brite)

Hydrogen Peroxide (please get the 3 % solution not the kind that can be used for bleaching hair)



Soap (Suggested types of soap would be Ivory Snow, Woolite or Napa)

Basic Tip of the day: The time to act on stain removal is as soon as the stain has gone onto the clothing because the longer it sits there the harder it will be to remove in the long run.

Basic forms of stain removal:

Blotting- Blot liquids or spills when stains are wet.

Scrapping:-Scraping helps scoop up material from the surface.

Dry Brush- Get caked on spot by simply rubbing a dry brush right over that hard to get out stain.

Soak- Sometimes chemicals or liquids often need to sit on a surface to penetrate and soften the stain.

Another basic tip: The very best detergent to use when trying to get stains out of clothing is Ajax’s stain remover formula with alternative bleach chemicals. Wither you chose the fragrant blend or the non-scented this is the ultimate detergent to use and can be found at a store like Big Lot for only about $2.50 a bottle. How it works is you pour the detergent on the clothing rub it into the strain than add the detergent cup amount you normally use to the wash and by the time it is time to dry your clothes you will see dramatic improvements.

Most common stains frequently in need of removal & how to remove them:

Ice Tea- Use baking soda and Hydrogen peroxide place paste like mixture on article of clothing and let sit on stain for 30 minutes before removing.

Sangria-- Use baking soda and Hydrogen peroxide place paste like mixture on article of clothing and let sit on stain for 30 minutes before removing.

Oily Stains- use a concoction of shaving cream and baby powder to get out the stain.

Mustard- Hand sanitizer helps loosen the stain of done right away and can help you lift it once it is blotted not rubbed in further into the article of clothing that you are choosing to remove this stain from.

Ketchup-Squeeze juice unto the stain than use the back of the lemon rine to rub out the stain as much of the ketchup off as possible.

Acids-Baking soda is suggested as a neutralizer.

Baby Food- First scrape as much of the food off as possible than soak for about 30 minutes. Wash out the clothing and then spray with water if the stain remains.

Sweat stains-Use egg whites underneath the stain or aspirin.

Suggested in detail stain removing readers plus video:

Don Aslett's Stainbuster's Bible by: Don Aslett

Today’s show Kathy Lee and Hoda stain removal episode.


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