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Staining And Protecting Your New Privacy Fence Or Deck

Updated on October 16, 2013
Our stained shadowbox privacy fence and gate.
Our stained shadowbox privacy fence and gate.
I used Olympic 1- Gallon(S) Naturaltone Semi-Transparent Exterior Stain in "Cedar"
I used Olympic 1- Gallon(S) Naturaltone Semi-Transparent Exterior Stain in "Cedar" | Source

Project To Stain

I recently put up a shadow-box privacy fence, made with your standard pressure treated lumber.
I spent a great deal of time and money on the fence. I did not want to look back in a few months, and wish I had protected it from the weather. You know how that pressure treated lumber starts to crack and turn a gray color after years.
I thought, let's stain this new privacy fence, and it will stand out in the neighborhood, and not look like all the rest.

Well, I started the project of staining. I purchased a few gallons of stain from Lowes to began my long journey of stain and fence. To get the stain on the fence, I decided on a simple inexpensive bug sprayer for about 10 bucks. When I started, it seemed to be the ticket. After going through the first gallon of stain, and only about 20 feet of fence or so, I realized that this was going to be a long term commitment. I thought to myself, no wonder no one else has stained their fence in the neighborhood. First, the stain is about $33 per gallon, and it's going to take a long long time.

The standard bug sprayer worked out pretty good, but I decided to try to step it up a little, especially since I had so much to stain. I wanted something, still inexpensive to put the stain on. What makes this stain project so much a pain, is the shadow box fence. it's like double the work in staining.

So, I found a Wagner Power Painter Plus to help me out. I tested the Wagner Painter Plus on my new shed with T-1 siding. It's a little loud, but I could live with it. It was perfect. went on fast and covered a large area at a time.

Ok, let's do the fence now. The process when on much better than the bug sprayer. I didn't have to stop and pump. However, I did have to refill the container on the sprayer often. Now, the Wagner Power Painter Plus will allow you to connect the hose directly to the gallon of stain, but it's a little cumbersome, holding the spray gun, gallon of paint, and keeping of with the extension cord.

The overall process worked out pretty good and the fence turned out great.


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