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Stainless Steel Coffee Mugs

Updated on November 2, 2014

Strong Stainless Steel Coffee Mugs are Better

A busy lifestyle demands a versatile and robust coffee mug. Whether you’re trekking in the hills, or trekking the commute to work, stainless steel coffee mugs afford that innovative blend of practical utility and more than just a hint of style. From the olden days of hardwearing, slightly rustic containers to what seems more and more like the space age of coffee consumption. Scientists – yes, scientists! – have developed a wide variety of mugs to suit most situations, existing as the perfect accompaniment to high-tech percolators and practically indestructible stainless steel cafetieres that can keep a morning's worth of coffee warm and ready to drink. Stainless steel coffee mugs are also environmentally friendly, with figures indicating that those who use them will save 23 pounds of paper waste by not using take-away cups.

Even a cursory search in the Amazon marketplace will reveal more choice than you really need. Travel mugs to desk mugs, the standard and traditional shape matched by unique and novel designs, vacuum insulated to doubled walled, small to large, the choice is mindboggling. And all you really wanted was a way to enjoy your coffee, right? Or perhaps not. Perhaps what you really want is something state-of-the-art, to let colleagues and fellow travellers know just how important coffee and the other finer things in life are to you. To help you make your decision, we’ve compiled a list of the best stainless steel coffee mugs available, cover as much of the rugged marketplace ground as possible.

Camera Lens Cup Travel Mug

This is one of our favourite finds in the stainless steel coffee mugs category, and it breaks the ground of our number one spot simply because it’s in high demand, offers superior performance, and has been massively reduced. We feel we have to rave about it, just a little. At the time of writing, there are currently on six left in stock. It looks like a 24-105mm camera lens, it’s stainless steel interior insulated by a scrupulously detailed and robust plastic exterior that boasts the genuine ‘Canon’ logo. Not your usual cheap imitation!

Claybox Canon 12.5-Ounce Lens Mug

Something about travel invites an association with documentation – if there was a way to make travel diaries into stainless steel coffee mugs, someone would have done it. This stainless steel mug is modelled precisely on the Canon 24-70mm lens and genuinely extends and retracts when you rotate the zoom ring. A little larger than the above mug, it loses nothing in terms of performance through an enviable design.

Satin Finish Tulip Design Desk Mug from Trudeau

With a price tag perhaps a little higher than your average desk mug, this stainless steel coffee mug is a winner in chic design as well as functionality. For those who plan to venture no further than the office coffee machine, this mug ensures that your beverage stays warm for as long as you need to be at your desk or in a meeting. A 10-ounce mug with double insulation and ‘stay-cool’ drinking lip, it’s designed for maximum heat retention.

Woodcraft 15-Ounce Shop Mug

For those on a budget, or for whom a beverage doesn’t necessarily equate with space age design, then this 15-ounce mug from Woodcraft is a perfect solution. It does exactly what it’s supposed to do and no more. A robust, well-insulated stainless steel construction perfect for everyday use, but without fancy spouts anti-spill lids.

Contigo Stainless Steel 20-Ounce Autoseal with Easy-Clean Lid

Those who like their coffee in Venti sizes will appreciate the slim, streamlined look of this stainless steel coffee mug, which is built with autoseal technology. When you’re on the go, whether between territories or offices, this mug automatically seals the lid when you’re not drinking, meaning you’ll never spill a drop. For only $22.99, it’s a great investment that is built to last.

The King 16-Ounce Leak-Proof Travel Mug from Thermos

This mug from Thermos offers the ultimate in durability, with a heavy-duty exterior matched by a doubled walled stainless steel interior marketed as ‘virtually unbreakable’. It’s also BPA free, and includes a tea-hook for those who preferred a little less of a caffeine injection. Its vacuum technology ensures that your beverage stays cold, cool, warm or piping hot, not matter the weather.

The Best Mugs

All of these high-performance mugs have garnered nothing less than a four-start review from some of Amazon’s pickiest customers. We’ve selected them as our top of the range choices because they weave that fine line between great aesthetics, robust construction and superior performance. They will all take the hard knocks and fast pace of our modern lifestyles, and all but one (the Woodcraft 15-Ounce) are equally suited to travel or commuting. No-leak caps are married with stainless steel construction that means they won’t crack and develop leaks, while state of the art insulation means the exterior is guaranteed to stay cool to the touch. For office, home or travel use, these mugs will pretty much take anything you can throw at them, and all for a reasonable price.


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