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All About Stainless Steel Pipe

Updated on November 28, 2010
Stainless Steel Pipe
Stainless Steel Pipe

Stainless steel is a steel alloy with at least 11% chromium. It is very corrosion resistant compared to regular steel which is very good to have in the pipes in your home. Stainless steel pipes are becoming more and more popular for the water pipes in homes because the prices of the more commonly used copper pipes have sky rocketed due to the drastic increase in the price of copper.

Stainless Steel Pipe is nonreactive so it will no create buildup by reacting with the minerals in your tap water. Many beer breweries also use stainless steel piping for moving their beers from one tank to another because it will not affect the flavors they are trying to preserve in their beers.

Stainless Pipes are sold in the same way that copper pipes are sold with all the same types of fittings, they are just stainless steel pipe fittings. Steel is also less malleable than copper so denting, bending and cracking is much less likely using stainless steel pipe over copper pipe.

If you are planning to replace the galvanized pipe in your home with a copper repipe you may want to consider stainless steel instead for its longer durability and more affordable pricing.


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      Plumbing 6 years ago

      Stainless steel pipe is tested and certified for its hard core texture and meet various needs at user end. Great for indoor and outdoor purpose these tubes have become basic need of one's life.