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Gardening Tips and Preparing A Garden Bed

Updated on September 9, 2014

Quick, Easy & Stress Free Gardening

While reading my Yates Garden Guide (2011 Edition), I discovered a range of tips that can be used for all types of gardens and levels of gardeners, whether you're an amateur or expert. Some tips do seem more complex and time consuming than others, but it's up to the gardener to take these ideas and develop them into something that works for them. Below is a simple guide in terms of planting your seeds and providing them with the necessary attention to ensure they live a long and healthy life. Start them off the right way and let the magic begin.

Guidelines To Planting Your Seeds

Planting Seeds In Egg Cartons

Seeds Planted In Egg Cartons - A great way to plant seedlings
Seeds Planted In Egg Cartons - A great way to plant seedlings

Planting Your Seeds - Seed Expiry Date

Ensure that if your seeds are in a prepacked sachet, the expiry date is after the date that you'll be planting the seeds. The reason for this is that a lot of seedlings contain moisture in them to help them germinate and grow. After such a long time, the seeds may have sufficient moisture to assist with the germination process. Keep in mind that the expiry date does not necessarily mean that the seeds will not germinate and produce healthy seedlings - although don't be surprised if not all of your seeds grow up.

GARDENING TIP: Try using an egg carton to plant your seeds. Once the seedlings start to emerge and are ready to be planted elsewhere, cut out the individual egg cup and replant your seedlings in your garden.

Seedlings Emerging In Egg Cartons
Seedlings Emerging In Egg Cartons

Planting Seeds At Correct Depth

Plant the seeds to the recommended depth guidelines as displayed on the packet. If you're using your own seeds, it is recommended that you research the depth of the soil in which to plant the seeds. If you're still unsure, try to plant your seeds about 1 inch or 2 centimetres into the ground and cover with good soil.

Soil Moisture, Soil Temperature & Sunny Or Shaded Location

Prepare your soil and location. Certain plants require different types of soil to grow. Although many plants may grow in rough conditions, this doesn't necessarily mean that they'll grow as healthy as you may expect. Do your research before planting as some plants such as Nasturtium will germinate best in a dark area and prefer a shaded location away from direct sunlight. Try to mix the soil with a garden fork before planting to soften the soil and assist with the roots. Do not use a shovel or space unless you need to - this will generally lead to the unnecessary killing of healthy worms which are great for garden soils.

Follow Instructions & Spread Evenly When Planting

Be sure to spread out your seeds evenly as recommended on the seeds packet. This guideline will help for beginners who have never planted the certain fruits or vegetables before as some plants will no doubt grow quicker or larger than others. Make sure you monitor your seedlings to make sure they're not clumped up or planted too close to one another once germination occurs.

Watering Your Garden & Seeds

Water your seeds. Once planted, it is essential that you give your seeds enough water to help them grow. Don't over water them or use too much pressure so as to cause the soil around them to spread, exposing the seed. Sprinkle them with a watering can just enough to wet the soil.

Watching Your Seeds Grow & Nurturing Your Seedlings

Watch your seeds grow and give them the attention they deserve. Water them when required, especially on hot days and provide them with the necessary plant foods when they're matured. Remove any weeds which may be growing nearby so as to prevent the weeds from taking any nutrients or water that could otherwise be going to your new babies.



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